A Guide to Centrifugal Pump Parts with Maintenance Checklist

You invested a lot of money in your centrifugal pump and want to ensure everything is always in great working condition in order to avoid losing valuable production time and money. If you invested in a high-quality product like ANSI centrifugal pumps, you already have a fantastic workhorse that requires very little maintenance but it


Types of Industrial Diesel Engines: YANMAR Air Cooled and Water Cooled Engines

Yanmar is known for its high-quality diesel engines, engine parts and other diesel products. Popular within a wide range of industries – from agriculture to industrial organizations. Established in 1933, YANMAR has manufactured over 15 million diesel engines ranging from 4.5 to 5,000 horsepower. YANMAR engines are known for their: Low Fuel Consumption High Power


Your Guide to ANSI Process Pumps

Centrifugal ANSI process pumps are a dependable workhorse for many operations and applications. Regulated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), these particular pumps have to meet specific dimensional standards. With strict regulations, it’s easy to interchange pumps when one breaks down; however, ANSI process pumps do have their limitations. We’ve put together this quick


Is Your Chemical Metering Pump Compatible With Your Needs?

Main image source: Grundfos.com There are a slew of chemical metering and digital dosing pumps on the market and you may be wondering if your current pump is the best choice for your operation. Or, maybe you need to replace a pump that’s reached the end of its life. Luckily, we have the expertise to

How to Find a Centrifugal Water Pump for Industrial Applications

Figuring out what type of centrifugal water pump you need for your specific industrial application can be a challenging journey. These pumps have many different features and specifications that vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and industry. At first, choosing a centrifugal water pump seems like it’d be an easy decision—you can just Google “centrifugal


7 Tips for Finding the Best Industrial Air Compressor for Machine Shops

Finding the best, most efficient and reliable air compressor for a machine shop is no easy task. On the one hand, you’re looking for an air compressor that meets the demand of all the needs you have on a day-to-day basis, but you also need to make sure the compressor meets your business’s long-term goals,


An Overview of the Grundfos Submersible Pump for the Beverage Industry

If you’re looking for a submersible pump and you’re in the beverage industry, the odds are good that you have your eyes on something particular. There isn’t any room for error or miscalculations when you’re working with consumables. The beverage industry demands a pump that meets high quality, durability, and safety standards. Thankfully, Grundfos submersible


What Is A Multistage Centrifugal Pump Used For? Industrial Applications and Pump Options

Are you curious if a multistage centrifugal pump is the right choice for the applications your business needs to perform day in and day out? Single-stage centrifugal pumps are some of the most commonly used pumps in the world. However, single-stage pumps have their limitations—that’s where multistage options come into play. Multistage centrifugal pumps are


C&B Equipment Expands Services In Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma With Acquisition

We are excited about the opportunities this brings to expand our footprint in these territories and to offer new services at a value package to existing Ozark Pumps & Parts customers – Dennis Noyes, President of C&B Equipment. The acquisition of Ozark Pumps & Parts will expand C&B Equipment’s service area to provide access to


Types of Centrifugal Pumps: Which is Right for Your Facility?

Centrifugal pumps are the most common type of pump used today. That being said, there are a seemingly endless number of ways to configure centrifugal pumps to meet the needs of almost any industry or application. Determining the right type of pump for your facility depends on what you’re pumping, the pressure in which you’re