What Causes Oil Carry-Over in Compressed Air Systems?

If you are having issues with your compressed air system, then it is likely due to excessive oil carry-over. Oil carry-over is a common problem in rotary screw air compressors. There are several causes of oil carry-over. Luckily, there are ways to fix these problems and prevent them in the future. Key Takeaways Oil carry-over


A Complete Guide to Industrial Air Compressors

An industrial air compressor is a device that utilizes either an electric motor or a diesel or gasoline-powered engine to convert power to potential energy stored in pressurized air. While they are similar in functionality to industrial pumps, compressors specialize in air and gas pressurization, while pumps specialize in liquids like water and oil. Industrial


C&B Equipment’s Ultimate Guide to Industrial Water Pumps

Industrial water pumps are used in a variety of industries. They come in several different types, shapes, sizes, and configurations, all of which are catered to different environments and pumping requirements. Industrial water pumps have many advanced features designed for the unique demands of different industries and businesses.  However, it can be difficult to know


Buyer’s Guide: Types of Centrifugal Blowers

If you are like most people, then you probably don’t understand the difference between fans and blowers or what makes centrifugal blowers unique from the rest. On top of that, there are several different types of centrifugal blowers and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each type can seem like a daunting task. This buyer’s


Your Guide to Choosing the Right Chemical Dosing Pump

The accurate and precise dosing of chemicals is a critical step in the production process for several different industries. Even the slightest variation of a particular chemical can completely change a product or even make it unsafe to use. People aren’t capable of administering the correct dosages of chemicals on such a massive scale. Thus,


A Guide to Centrifugal Pump Parts with Maintenance Checklist

You invested a lot of money in your centrifugal pump and want to ensure everything is always in great working condition in order to avoid losing valuable production time and money. If you invested in a high-quality product like ANSI centrifugal pumps, you already have a fantastic workhorse that requires very little maintenance but it


Your Guide to ANSI Process Pumps

Centrifugal ANSI process pumps are a dependable workhorse for many operations and applications. Regulated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), these particular pumps have to meet specific dimensional standards. With strict regulations, it’s easy to interchange pumps when one breaks down; however, ANSI process pumps do have their limitations. We’ve put together this quick


Is Your Chemical Metering Pump Compatible With Your Needs?

Main image source: There are a slew of chemical metering and digital dosing pumps on the market and you may be wondering if your current pump is the best choice for your operation. Or, maybe you need to replace a pump that’s reached the end of its life. Luckily, we have the expertise to

How to Find a Centrifugal Water Pump for Industrial Applications

Figuring out what type of centrifugal water pump you need for your specific industrial application can be a challenging journey. These pumps have many different features and specifications that vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and industry. At first, choosing a centrifugal water pump seems like it’d be an easy decision—you can just Google “centrifugal