The most common type of pump in use today, Centrifugal pumps are typically used to move low viscosity fluids through a piping system. There are a number of configurations available depending on the application requirements, including: end suction, split case, single and multi-stage, and vertical multi-stage units.

All types of centrifugal pumps work on the principle of converting velocity to flow and pressure. This occurs as the fluid enters the eye of the pump and is accelerated as it moves outwards through the vanes to the volute where the fluid exits the pump at a higher velocity.

C & B Equipment can offer all types and configurations to match your needs, featuring the Crane line of products, as well as others.



Centrifugal ANSI pumps, Engineered parts to fit popular ANSI Brands (Goulds, Durco, Peerless, Warren, Allis, Chalmers, Moyno, Worthington and more).

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