DuPont™ Kalrez® Parts for the Chemical Process Industry (CPI)

Recognized as the leading supplier of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) parts for over 40 years, DuPont™ offers a variety of high performing Kalrez® seals that stand up to the most aggressive CPI environments.

Kalrez® CPI Product Selection Guide

Recognized as the leading supplier of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) parts for over 40 years, DuPont™ offers a variety of high performing Kalrez® seals that stand up to the most aggressive CPI environments.

High Mechanical
High Hardness
Oxidizing &
Strong Amines
Rapid Gas
Inorganic BasesXXXXXXXXXXX
Hot Water/SteamXX---------XX---XX
Amines (Organic Bases)X---------XXX---XX
Vinyl or Acrylic MonomersX------XXXX---X
Silanes and ChlorosilanesXXXXXX---------
Synthetic OilsXXXXXXXX---XX
Strong Oxidizers (e.g., Nitric Acid, O 3 , ClO 2 )------------XXX------
Streams of Unkown CompositionXX---------XXXXX
Ethylene or Propylene Oxide (Pure)X---------XXXX---XX
Dry HeatXXXXXXXX------X
High Pressure / Extrusion Resistance---------XX---------XX
RGD (Rapid Gas Decompression Resistance---------X---------XX
Maximum Service Temperature1, °C (°F)275 (527)316 (600)327 (620)325 (617)300 (572)225 (437)220 (428)250 (482)
Lowest Service Temperature1, °C (°F)-20 (-4)-19 (-2.2)-18 (-0.4)-26 (-14.8)-20 (-4)-22 (-7.6)-42 (-43.6)-21 (-5.8)
ColorBlackBlackBlackBlackLight BrownCreamBlackBlack
Durometer, Shore A27575759075807095
Elongation at Break3, %1601501607516016018080
Compression Set4, % (70 hours at 204°C/400°F)25251212N/A383819
Compression Set5, % (70 hours at 204°C/400°F)3030151222404133
Tensile Strength at Break6, MPa (psi)15.16 (2198)16.88 (2448)17.91 (2598)22.75 (3300)14.50 (2103)15.86 (2300)8.96 (1300)19.49 (2827)

XX Best
X Suitable
– – – Not suggested
1 DuPont proprietary method; performance will vary with seal design and application specifics
2 ASTM D2240, (Pellet test specimens)
3 ASTM D412, (AS568 K214 O-ring test specimens)
4 ASTM D395B, (Pellet test specimens)
5 ASTM D395B, (AS568 K214 O-ring test specimen)
6 ASTM D412, 500mm/min (Dumbbell test specimens)
N/A = Test Data Not Available


Kalrez® CPI Product Overviews

General Purpose

Kalrez® 6375

Designed specifically for the chemical process industry, Kalrez® 6375 parts are designed to deliver outstanding performance in the widest possible range of chemicals and temperatures.

Properties & features:

  • An excellent choice for use in aggressive chemicals such as:
    • Acids
    • Bases
    • Amines
    • Steam
    • Ethylene oxide
  • Curing system allows for a maximum service temperature of 275°C (527°F)
  • High temperature stability translates to increased chemical resistance over all temperature ranges, especially if high temperature process excursions occur

Kalrez® 4079

Low compression set product for general purpose use in O-rings, diaphragms, seals and other parts used in the chemical process industry

Properties & features:

  • Carbon black filled product with:
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Good mechanical properties
    • Outstanding hot air aging properties
  • Exhibits low swell in organic acids, inorganic acids and aldehydes
  • Good response to temperature cycling effects
  • Recommended maximum service temperature of 316°C (600°F); short excursions to higher temperatures possible
  • Not recommended for use in hot water/steam applications or in contact with certain hot aliphatic amines, ethylene oxide, or propylene oxide

Kalrez® 7075

Specifically developed for the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries. Kalrez® 7075 is designed for improved sealing performance in both high temperature environments and temperature cycling situations.

Properties & features:

  • Carbon black filled product w/ very low compression set and improved seal force retention
  • Provides even greater sealing performance in dynamic applications where low friction is required
  • Improved thermal resistance that extends maximum service temperature to 327°C (620°F)
  • Offers enhanced elastomeric properties while providing chemical resistance better than the industry standard, set by Kalrez® 4079

Specialty Products

Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7090

Specifically targeted for use in applications requiring high hardness/higher modulus properties

Properties & features:

  • Excellent mechanical properties including:
    • RGD resistance
    • Seal force retention
    • Compression set resistance
    • Response to temperature cycling effects
  • Suited for both static and dynamic sealing applications, especially those that require extrusion resistance at higher temperatures
  • Outstanding chemical resistance and thermal stability
  • Suggested maximum application temperature: 325 °C (617 °F). Short excursions to higher temperatures may be possible.

Kalrez® 7275

Light brown product based on a proprietary crosslinking system targeted specifically for the chemical processing industry

Properties & features:

  • Exhibits minimal swelling and improved retention of physical properties when exposed to aggressive chemicals, such as:
    • Concentrated nitric acid
    • Organosilanes
    • Chlorosiloxanes
    • Pure ethylene oxide
    • Butyraldehyde
    • Amines
    • Vinyl and acrylic monomers
  • Excellent compression set resistance and good retention of physical properties after aging at high temperatures.
  • Suggested maximum service temperature of 300°C

Kalrez® 6380

Specifically developed for chemical processes involving hot, aggressive amines and excellent overall chemical resistance. A top choice for both static and dynamic sealing applications.

Properties & features:

  • Cream color is easily identifiable when selecting an O-ring material for harsh chemical plant services
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Maximum service temperature of 225°C (437°F) is suggested; short-term excursions to higher temperatures permissible

Kalrez® Spectrum™ 0040

Low temperature sealing performance (-42°C) typically unattainable for perfluoroelastomers parts is achievable with Kalrez® Spectrum™ 0040.

Properties & features:

  • Excellent choice in applications such as couplings for the chemical transportation industry or other applications where chemical resistance and elasticity are required in some of the coldest environments
  • Volume swell is approximately 10% when exposed to nitric acid at 110°C for 168 hours
  • Compression set resistance is similar to Spectrum™ 6375, Kalrez’s broad chemically-resistant product

Kalrez® 0090

Durable, reliable sealing in applications that require RGD properties combined with high hardness and high modulus

Application areas include:

  • Downhole equipment (such as drilling and completion tools)
  • Industrial equipment (including pumps and valves)

Properties & features:

  • Certified by two independent labs to meet rigorous requirements for resistance to RGD
  • Chemical resistance:
    • Kalrez® parts withstand attack by more than 1800 chemical substances
    • NORSOK M-710 Rev 2 Sour Fluid aging resistance certification provided by MERL (UK)
  • Broad temperature capability & outstanding RGD resistance: Retains high levels of resilience up to temperatures as high as 250°C (482°F) and down to –21°C (–5.8°F). Under pressurized sealing conditions, Kalrez® 0900 has demonstrated low temperature performance down to –40 °C (–40 °F) in customer laboratory tests.

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