Compressed Air Study

C & B Wichita, Inc. has been designing, installing and performing compressed air practices for over 35 years inside and outside the Kansas City metro community.

Why Study?

The goal is to identify supply side compressed air equipment and, if possible, use your existing equipment to reduce energy costs and improve air quality. This can include proper setting of the controls, reducing leakage at auto drains, reducing ‘artificial’ air demand and proper sequencing of multiple units. The benefits include lower energy costs, reduced downtime and less wear on the equipment ― resulting in improved production on the demand side.

Measuring the compressed air usage helps save the supply of air at your point of use. It also helps to identify compressed air leaks in the system. Measuring compressed air usage often leads to lowered electrical usage, reduced downtime, less wear on air equipment and better efficiency in production. Thus, a decrease in operational expense.

Compressed air system efficiency experts at Compressed Air Challenge find that, “for the typical compressed air system, 30% of system energy usage can be saved through cost-effective measures.”

How Compressed Air Can Be Studied

We perform a seven day air study in the plant. Our technician will tap into the main air lines during production and measure cfm, pressure and amp load. The audit consists of air flow measurements, energy and pressure recordings. We offer a completed spreadsheet and recommendations for all of our customers. We expect customers to experience immediate monthly savings.

Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Printing
  • Construction
  • Cabling
  • Chemical
  • Food

Who is benefiting?

  • Maintenance staff
  • Plant Managers/Engineers
  • Your customers