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Are you in need of high-quality pump parts and products? Out of all the known manufacturers in the market, one brand remains at the top of pump excellence and product quality. Summit Pump has been the industry leader in pump manufacturing since its inception.

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Summit 2196 ANSI Pumps: The Top-Tier Centrifugal Pump

Summit Pump, C&B Equipment, INC.

Of the numerous pumps manufactured and produced by Summit Pump, the Summit 2196 ANSI is one of the most famous and versatile pumps. With its robust design and easy-to-use components, this pump is a powerhouse of performance and reliability. Engineered with precision and built to exceed industry standards, the Summit 2196 ANSI is the go-to choice for a wide range of demanding applications.

Versatility is a hallmark of the Summit 2196. With its ability to handle various fluids, including corrosive and abrasive substances, this pump is well-suited for chemical processing, oil and gas, water treatment, and more. The Summit 2196 delivers exceptional performance across diverse applications, from transferring liquids to circulating cooling water.

What Are the Applications of the Summit 2196 ANSI Pump?

The Summit 2196 ANSI Centrifugal Pump is engineered to excel in various applications across various industries. With its robust construction, exceptional performance, and versatility, this pump is an invaluable asset in numerous demanding environments.

Here are the most common applications of the top-rated summit centrifugal pump:

Chemical Processing

The Summit 2196’s ability to handle corrosive and abrasive fluids makes it ideal for transferring chemicals, acids, solvents, and other aggressive liquids. With its reliable seal options, the pump ensures leak-free operation, preventing contamination and ensuring the safety of your processes.

Oil and Gas

The Summit 2196 ANSI Centrifugal Pump delivers in these areas, making it well-suited for applications such as oil refining, petrochemical processing, and offshore platforms. The pump’s robust construction and efficient performance ensure seamless operation, whether it’s handling crude oil, hydrocarbons, or refined products.

Water Treatment

From municipal water supply and wastewater treatment to desalination plants and industrial water processes, this pump handles the transfer, circulation, and treatment of various water types with ease. Its robust design and corrosion-resistant materials ensure long-lasting performance in demanding water treatment applications.

General Industrial Processes

The versatility of the Summit 2196 extends to a wide range of general industrial processes. Its efficiency, reliability, and adaptability make it a trusted pumping solution for diverse industrial environments.

Summit Pump, C&B Equipment, INC.

Why Choose C&B Equipment?

  • Authorized Reseller: As an authorized reseller of Summit Pump parts and products, we guarantee genuine and reliable equipment. We have established a strong partnership with Summit Pump, a leading manufacturer known for its exceptional quality and performance. By choosing C&B Equipment, you can rest assured that you purchase authentic products.
  • Expertise and Experience: With decades of experience in the industry, our team at C&B Equipment possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in pumps and related equipment. We understand the intricacies of Summit Pump products and can guide you toward the right solution for your needs. Whether you require assistance with selection, installation, or troubleshooting, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: C&B Equipment offers a wide range of Summit Pump parts and products to cater to diverse applications and industries. From centrifugal and positive displacement pumps to vertical turbine pumps and motor controls, we have a comprehensive selection to meet your requirements. Our extensive inventory ensures that you can find the right product without delay.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality is our top priority at C&B Equipment. We understand that reliability and durability are crucial factors for pumping equipment. That’s why we exclusively offer Summit Pump products renowned for their exceptional quality standards. You can rest assured that when you purchase from us, you invest in long-lasting, high-performance equipment.
  • Custom Solutions: We recognize that each customer’s needs are unique. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide custom solutions tailored to your requirements. Whether you need a specialized pump system, customized controls, or unique parts, our team will work closely with you to develop the perfect solution that optimizes performance and efficiency.

The Benefits of Summit Pump Products

Cutting-Edge Technology

Summit Pump is at the forefront of pump technology, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their products incorporate the latest advancements to deliver superior performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. By choosing Summit Pump products from C&B Equipment, you can access state-of-the-art solutions that exceed your expectations.

Robust Construction

Summit Pump products are engineered with precision and built to last. The pumps are designed using high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to withstand demanding conditions. With their robust construction, Summit pumps provide reliable operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Summit Pump products are optimized for efficiency, helping you reduce energy consumption and operational costs. These pumps are designed to deliver maximum output with minimal power consumption, making them an eco-friendly choice. By investing in Summit Pump products through C&B Equipment, you not only enhance performance but also save on long-term operational expenses.


Summit Pump offers various products suitable for multiple industries and applications. Whether you need pumps for water treatment, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, or industrial processes, Summit Pump has the solution. C&B Equipment can guide you in selecting the ideal product that meets your specific needs and ensures optimal performance in your application.

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