What is a rotary vane compressor? A rotary vane compressor has many uses, with applications across a broad range of industries. Any process that requires strong, controlled gusts of air can use this specific piece of equipment.

This type of compressor technology is also very versatile. It can easily be integrated into a conveyor line, installed inside larger equipment, or used on its own for various purposes.
Your choice of rotary vane compressor matters. The US Department of Energy reported about compressed air systems energy consumption. They make up 10% of electricity and 16% of motor system energy consumption in the country's manufacturing industries.

The higher the quality of your vane compressor, the more energy efficiency and cost effective. Your energy savings will build up over time with the right selection. Get the most for your equipment dollars by choosing from our selection of Hydrovane rotary vane compressors.
Enjoy Performance and Production Benefits

If you need a dependable rotary vane compressor supplier, look no further than C&B Equipment. We are an authorized supplier of Hydrovane compressors. Our selection includes rotary sliding vane compressors under the HR, HRRS, HV, HVRS, V, and VR Series. You can look forward to these benefits if you integrate Hydrovane technology in your production process:

✓ Simple – These air compressors’ rotary vanes (often cast-iron blades) spin at around 1,800rpm. This creates high pressure compression pockets that generate compressed air.

✓ Versatile – These compressors are popular because of their diverse uses and applications. They can be used as sterilizing instruments, conveying solids and liquids, stapling, grinding, buffing and more.

✓ Efficient – Rotary vane compressors are durable and can operate for over 100,000 hours. They are also widely recognized in the industry for decreasing overall costs while improving productivity.

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HV RS Series

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Common Applications for Rotary Vane Compressors

There's room — and a need — for quality air compressors in manufacturing and production lines across industries. The uses could be as simple as moving products from one point to another. Or they could be as heavy-duty as spinning heavy pieces of equipment at high speeds.

In some cases, manufacturers have very specific uses for compressed air. Such as drying products, applying chemicals, applying atomized paint, keeping solids in suspension, and propelling heavy parts.

Rotary sliding vane compressors are often used in automotive, power generation, environmental and public services, woodworking, and more. Do you think your production line is missing a crucial element or could be improved by compressed air? Get in touch with C&B Equipment and we could be your rotary vane compressors suppliers.

C&B Equipment brings cost-efficient and high-performance rotary vane air compressors to industries and manufacturers.