Corken gas compressors keep industries going—from the processes that make products to the pneumatic tankers that deliver the raw materials to the energy that powers the plant. At C&B Equipment, we make sure you have gas compressors you can rely on day in and day out.

We’re proud to offer gas compressors from Corken because they’re a global leader in compression solutions. In business for nearly 100 years, they’ve built up an outstanding reputation for quality, performance and ease of routine maintenance. Those are values C&B can get behind when it comes to recommending only the best and most reliable gas compressors.

We’re happy to help you find the right gas compressor for these industries and applications and more:

  • Bulk Transfer
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Processing
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Gas Booster
  • Oil & Natural Gas
  • Liquified Gas Transfer
  • Process Gas
  • Truck & Transport
  • Vapor Recovery

Corken® Reciprocating Compressors (Horizontal)

Corken® Reciprocating Compressors (Vertical)

Inustrial Gas Compressor

C&B offers a versatile line of low-horsepower (7.5 to 75 hp) reciprocating gas compressors from Corken. Whether you need a vertical or horizontal, double (D-Style) or triple packing (T-Style), single or multi-stage gas compressor, C&B has the solution for your application.

If one of Corken’s standard mounting options doesn’t meet your needs, C&B and Corken can specially engineer a customized industrial compressor package just for you. That’s Uptime Solutioneering™ at work.

Compatible With a Wide Variety of Gasses

With multiple options for piston rod packing, special coatings, valve specifications, O-ring materials, piping connections and water-cooled heads, the Corken line of industrial compressors can handle a wide variety of process gasses—even hazardous, volatile, toxic and corrosive gases. Gases include chlorine, vinyl chloride, methyl chloride, sulfur dioxide, butadiene, hydrogen, helium, HCFCs, exotic gases for research, biogases, and many more.

Leakage Control Options

Corken’s D-Style and T-Style industrial gas compressors provide precise leakage control for toxic, hazardous and explosive gases. The D-Style has one distance piece and offers a moderate level of leakage control, while the T-Style has two distance pieces offering the highest level of leakage control. Each distance piece can be purged, vented or pressurized if needed for maximum leakage containment.

Oil-Free Gas Compression Options

Nearly all of Corken’s vertical industrial compressors provide oil-free gas compression in both double (D-Style) and triple (T-Style) packed designs. They are able to supply oil-free gas for boosting or vacuum service. Choose from single or two stage, air or water cooled, and single and double-acting versions to fit your needs.

  • Corken T-Style vertical compressors are typically used for toxic and corrosive applications with a critical need for oil-free gas and maximum leakage containment
  • Corken D-Style vertical compressors are typically used for toxic and corrosive applications in which oil-free gas is required and leakage containment is desirable

For applications that require oil-free compression but have pressures and capacities that exceed the capabilities of a vertical compressor, the Corken T-style horizontal compressor also offers oil-free compression.

LPG & Bulk Compressors

C&B is proud to offer gas compressors from Corken that are engineered to meet the needs of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and bulk transport. Whether you need a compression solution for bulk transfer, propane transport, cylinder filling, bulk plant installations for loading and unloading, tank evacuation, aerosol propellant feed or agricultural ammonia transport, we can help you find the gas compressor that will get the job done.

Corken’s reciprocating gas compressors are ideal for LPG and agricultural ammonia piping systems—applications that have poor net positive suction head (NPSH) conditions and excessive equipment maintenance as a result. Reciprocating compressors are only exposed to gas vapors, so the poor NPSH conditions are not a factor. Corken reciprocating compressors are also ideal for transferring liquids in pressurized tank cars and buried tanks with top unloading connections.

Corken’s line of reciprocating compressors come in vertical or horizontal; single, double (D-Style) or triple (T-Style) rod packing; and single and multi-stage models to fit your application. They offer standard mountings for liquified gas transfer, vapor recovery and gas booster. If one of these standard mounting options doesn’t meet your needs, C&B and Corken can specially engineer a customized compressor package. That’s Uptime Solutioneering™ at work for you!

Get the Right Gas Compressor for Your Application, From a Company Who Cares About Your Success

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