Fristam Sanitary Pumps

Fristam FP Series Pumps

Sanitary Pumps, C&B Equipment, INC.

The cornerstone of the Fristam sanitary pump line, the FP Pump has proven itself time and again in varied hygienic processes. Robust, low maintenance, heavy duty and economical, it sets the benchmark for the sanitary processing industry.

This versatile general purpose sanitary pump can be used for vacuum withdrawal from evaporators, viscous, hot or abrasive products, and many other applications. The pumped medium may be homogenous or contain air, gases or suspended solids.

Heavy duty construction means the Fristam FP Pump can withstand more hydraulic shock and cavitation. The housing, cover and impeller are made from substantial 316L stainless steel castings and forgings. Fristam’s unique internal seal uses the cooling and lubrication of the product to provide longer seal life.

The open ‘optimized vane angle’ design of Fristam impellers maximizes efficiency and allows for low NPSH requirements. Fristam FP pumps are also designed with narrow gaps (as tight as 0.5mm) between the impellers and the cover. Combined with a flow-optimised pumping channel, this ensures minimal secondary flow and very gentle product handling even at high volumetric flows.

Technical Specifications

  • 26 available sizes
  • Discharge pressures up to 180 psi (12.4 bar)
  • Flow rates up to 900 gpm (3400 lpm)
  • Viscosities up to 1,200 cps
  • Pedestal mount

Fristam FKL Series Pumps

Sanitary Pumps, C&B Equipment, INC.

Minimize Downtime With This Long-Lasting, Quick-to-Maintain Positive Displacement Pump

Engineered for lasting performance, the Fristam FKL rotary lobe pump features a large diameter shaft so strong, it’s guaranteed for life never to break. The shaft and unique balanced rotor design reduce the rotor-to-housing contact that can cause premature wear. Well-balanced construction minimizes piston wear. Due to the sophisticated design of their rotating parts, Fristam FKL Pumps can be maintained very quickly.

The Fristam FKL Pump saves valuable downtime in other ways. It is the first close-clearance sanitary positive displacement pump designed for “True CIP.” The cover and rotors remain in place for CIP; nothing needs to be removed from the pump.

With its perfectly balanced rotor, the FKL sanitary pump is ideal for operation at high differential pressures, and is designed to endure pressure peaks.

Technical Specifications

  • 11 available sizes
  • Discharge pressures up to 500 psi (35 bar)
  • Flow rates up to 900 gpm (3400 lpm)
  • Viscosities up to 1,000,000 cps

Fristam FDS Twin Screw Pump

Sanitary Pumps, C&B Equipment, INC.

Raising the Bar: A Versatile Positive Displacement Pump Designed to Maximize Uptime Through Ease of Maintenance

Developed by experts in twin screw technology, the Fristam FDS Pump is the most robust and easy to maintain pump of its kind on the market.

The Fristam FDS Pump is designed in every way to maximize your uptime. The front-loading seal and easy-to-remove casing, cover and screw design make for safer and less disruptive maintenance—the pump doesn’t need to be pulled offline for service. Solid shafts and substantial, stable bearings allow the FDS Pump to handle high loads even under extreme conditions. It can handle even the highest loads without overheating.Fristam FDS positive displacement pumps transport the most viscous products with ease but can transport low viscosities as well. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications and processes.

The FDS Pump handles both production and CIP, is fully hygienic, and can be sterilized.

Technical Specifications

  • 4 available sizes
  • Discharge pressures up to 363 psi (25 bar)
  • Flow rates up to 793 gpm (180 m3/h)
  • Viscosities up to 1,000,000 cps

SEEPEX Sanitary Pumps

SEEPEX CS Food Pumps

Sanitary Pumps, C&B Equipment, INC.

These Progressive Cavity Pumps Meet the Most Stringent Hygiene Regulations

SEEPEX CS Food Pumps comply with the most stringent hygiene regulations, including US 3-A Sanitary Standards requirements and EHEDG. The stator material and secondary seals are FDA approved, indicating high product safety. The optimized pump casing has no dead space, preventing product build-up. Multiple mechanical seal options provide hygienic shaft sealing.

These SEEPEX sanitary pumps are available with options for CIP or SIP cleaning. Pumps designed for CIP feature flushing connections with high velocity flow in the suction casing for residue and bacteria-free cleaning. Food pumps designed for SIP allow sterilization with superheated steam during the cyclic operation of the pump.

SEEPEX CS Food Pumps couldn’t be easier to maintain with their easy-to-assemble joints and plug-in connection between the rotating unit and drive. They require no special tools for assembly and disassembly.

Technical Specifications

  • 5 product ranges
  • Pressure up to 350 psi (24 bar)
  • Conveying capacity 0.132 - 572 gpm (30 lph - 130 m3/h)

Sanitary Pumps You Can Rely On

C&B Equipment is proud to offer sanitary pumps from Fristam and SEEPEX. These trusted manufacturers raise the bar when it comes to pump durability, performance and ease of maintenance. Those are the qualities we look for when it comes to offering only the best pumps that can maximize your uptime.

We’re happy to help you find the right sanitary pump for these industries and applications:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Meat Packing
  • Dairy Processing
  • Bakeries
  • Food Processing
  • Canneries
  • Breweries
  • Bottling Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pet Food

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