If you need Mixers for all liquids, Sharpe™ is the name and being sharp is their game. With a variety of standard and engineered products and various mounts, there is a Sharpe™ mixer that should do the job for you.

Sharpe™ Mixers began in 1953 and in the years that followed, they successfully engineered and provided goods and services in the areas of mixing in applications in the chemical industry.

They supply mixers throughout the United States. Development of a portable mixer line, energy efficient hydrofoil blade impellers, tank mounted units and various other innovative designs, helped the company grow. In 1992, Burhans-Sharpe expanded, moving into a larger facility that consolidated the engineering and manufacturing divisions. In celebration, the company logo was updated and the name “SHARPE™ MIXERS” was hoisted above the entrance. The expansion included new state-of-the-art” machining, welding and painting equipment, including current EPA air handling systems for a safe, clean working environment.

The company continues to strive to increase quality and customer satisfaction while keeping costs and delays at a minimum.

Portable Chemical Drum and Vat Mixers

The Sharpe™ Portable Chemical Drum and Vat Mixers and F-Series mixer line has been refined and improved over many years to assure that every component has significant advantages over any other mixers on the market. From the durable epoxy finish to the stainless steel mounting clamp, from the vapor-tight coupling housing to the quality-10 gearing, you can be confident that your Sharpe Mixer will look and operate like new after years of duty.

Direct-drive heavy-duty Portables and F-Series mixers
Sharpe™ Mixers direct drive portable mixers provide high-speed mixing for those jobs where greater shearing action is required and for smaller batch mixing. The high speed of the impellers (1750-rpm) create localized high-velocity eddies (high shear) necessary for many applications such as dispersing and dissolving dry powders into a solution. Portable Mixer with NEW Quick-Mount c-clamp!

Photo by Venmark International

Gear-Drive heavy-duty Portables and F-Series mixers
Sharpe™ Mixers gear drive portable mixers are the best choice for larger volume and higher-viscosity applications. The slower speed (350-rpm) provides the high torque necessary to mix higher viscosity fluids and the higher flow required in larger tanks. Large diameter Hyflo™ 218 impellers produce much more flow per horsepower than other mixers on the market.

Tank Mounted Process Mixers

Plate Mount Process Mixers – Open Tank Type

For Tank Mounted Process Mixers using beam mounting on open tanks, an F-Series plate mount mixer is the best choice. The large steel mounting plate is equipped with rubber vibration mounts to absorb mixer loads and minimize shaft vibration.

Designed for vertical, on-center mounting and angled, offset tank-beam mounting, these heavy-duty mixers incorporate the same design advantages as the portable mixer line. For angled-offset mounting, order the optional 10-degree angle-riser mount.


Flange Mount Process Mixers – Closed Tank Type

A wide range of seals and mountings are available for closed tank applications. Both top-entry and side-entry mixer designs are available from stock for quick delivery. Special flange sizes and other mounts (such as sanitary ferrules) are available on a special-order basis.

From vapor lip seals to stuffing glands to elaborate mechanical seal designs, there is likely a Sharpe Mixer specifically designed to meet your requirements.