C & B Equipment offer multiple options for applications that require a single or multi-stage centrifugal blower/exhauster. Centrifugal units can provide more efficient airflows and longer life than alternative air movers. Pressure and vacuum ranges exceed those capable by positive displacement blowers.

Our first product offering is the Gardner Denver line of centrifugal blowers, which consists of Lamson and Hoffman. Gardner Denver purchased Lamson in 1996 and Hoffman in 2001. The primary goal with this acquisition was to keep the most durable and advanced designs of both manufacturers in order to give our customers the best solutions for their centrifugal applications.

There are currently 22 models to choose from, to assure the most appropriate blower will be recommended for the required airflow. These models include both a cast and a fabricated type unit. A variety of design options are available from the factory, including special coatings, materials of construction, seals and electrical controls.

Our newest product offering is the HSI centrifugal blower. C & B Equipment is constantly looking for new technologies that will provide our customers the most energy efficient, long-lasting solution for their air application. HSI has taken the design principles of the centrifugal air compressor and developed a package that can produce highly efficient airflows up to 25 psi. These blowers incorporate air bearings supported on a single shaft with integrated variable speed drive, control system and motor. This all comes as a single enclosed package ready to install, just add electricity and the piping.

This design is 20-40% more efficient than traditional type blowers and the simple design allows for minimal maintenance. We believe this technology is the wave of the future. Let us show you what HSI can do to save you money on your low pressure applications.



Cast Series: Airflow to 41,000 CFM, Pressure to 22 PSIG, Vacuum to 17.6" Hg

Fabricated Series: Airflow to 800 CFM, Pressure to 4 PSIG, Vacuum to 8.7" Hg

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