C & B Wichita has been a Gardner Denver Positive Displacement Blower Distributor for 30 years in the Kansas area. A worldwide industrial manufacturer and leader in the positive displacement blower industry, Gardner Denver offers several product lines to fit most low pressure and vacuum applications including: Sutorbilt, Duroflow, CycloBlower, Triflow, and Heliflow. The Gardner Denver tradition of quality, service, and engineering has made them who they are today.

Here at C & B Wichita, we believe in the products we sell and are confident in the products that Gardner Denver produces. With factory support just miles away in Sedalia, Missouri, we have a major advantage over other blower distributors. Let us know what your application is and we’ll find the best fit for your facility. In many cases, there is more than one blower that will fit the design parameters, which gives the customer choices in terms of price, efficiency and design of the blower.

You can also get a jumpstart on your blower selection with the Gardner Denver sizing program, QuickPik. Once registered (on the Gardner Denver website), QuickPik allows users to size their next blower application to determine the best blower for the job.

Choose From Our Selection of PD Blowers

Find the best positive displacement lobe blower for the job, be it for manufacturing, construction, agriculture, aquaculture, landscaping, dairy production, food processing, power generation and more.

We offer both rotary vane and rotary lobe (also called PD blowers) positive displacement air blowers. Choose from our rotary vane blowers if you need the freedom to adjust air pressure. Our positive displacement rotary lobe blowers, meanwhile, are ideal for applications that need consistent pressure flows between 4 to 15 PSI.

GD Sutorbilt


Type: Lobe

Airflow to 14,000 CFM

Pressure to 20 PSIG

Vacuum to 16" Hg

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GD Duroflow


Type: Lobe

Airflow to 4,000 CFM

Pressure to 15 PSIG

Vacuum to 16" Hg

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GD Cycloblower


Type: Helical Screw

Airflow to 6,700 CFM

Pressure to 20 PSIG

Vacuum to 17" Hg

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GD Robuschi

Positive Displacement Blowers, C&B Equipment, INC.

Type: Three Lobe Rotary Blowers 

Pressure up to 1,000 mbar (g)

Vacuum up to 500 mbar (a)

Capacity up to 25,000 m³/h

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GD Heliflow


Type: Helical Tri Lobe

Airflow to 3,200 CFM

Pressure to 15 PSIG

Vacuum to 16" Hg

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GD Triflow


Type: Tri Lobe

Airflow to 600 CFM

Vacuum to 16" Hg

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Elmo Twister

Type: Dry Running Screw

Volume flow 100 to 360 m³/hr
Volume flow 58.8 to 211.8 cfm
End vacuum 0.1 mbar (abs)

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Common Applications for Positive Displacement Blowers

There is a wide variety of applications for positive displacement blowers. This equipment is utilized across a wide range of industries, like construction and dairy production, and environmental services and oil and gas collection.

A PD blower has a basic function: move air through a mechanism that releases the same air at a specific pressure level. This mechanism is composed of rotors (or impellers), which are responsible for forcing the air's movement and pressure, and an inlet and outlet. This mechanism has plenty of uses for different industries.

Below are some examples:

  • Dairy production – Milking and transferring milk through a sterile facility
  • Environmental services – Groundskeeping, specifically leaf blowing in open spaces
  • Public services – Sewer cleaning
  • Industrial – Material handling and debris vacuuming
  • Aquaculture – Soil aeration
  • Oil and Gas – Product collection and conveying systems

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