Reciprocating compressors can be used in various applications, not just for heavy-duty manufacturing. Access to compressed air is also integral for small-scale shops and other small-scale applications in the industrial, manufacturing, and commercial settings. No matter which industry you belong to, C&B Equipment has an industrial reciprocating compressor that matches your needs.

We carry a wide range of high-pressure Gardner Denver reciprocating compressors for industrial and commercial use. These pressure- or splash lubricated compressors run on 1/2 to 30hp. Their oil-less counterparts, meanwhile, range from 3/4 to 15hp. Both types are available as single-stage and two-stage compressors.



Offering High-Quality Products for a Fair Price

C&B Equipment is an authorized Gardner Denver reciprocating air compressors supplier.

Our team is equipped and trained to service the reciprocating air compressors of these same brands. We’re proud to carry the Gardner Denver badge of approval for repairs and maintenance. This is especially true because of their high standards for both quality and performance.

The Advantages of Reciprocating Compressor Equipment

Reciprocating air compressors may be found just about anywhere, and this alone indicates that its advantages are just as numerous.

✓ Provides a multitude of uses. - A reciprocating air compressor is just one piece of equipment, but its uses are numerous and span various industries. They are crucial components for a multitude of devices. They are used in refrigerators, air conditioners, and you can also find them in the middle of many auto repair shops.

✓ Simpler - Equipment that uses a reciprocating compressor is simpler to operate, repair, and maintain.

✓ Widely available - Reciprocating compressors for commercial use are more readily available than rotary screw compressors. These machines are generally portable and can be easily transported within and outside a building.

✓ Affordable - These compressors are more affordable than their rotary screw counterparts.

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Get the best reciprocating compressor system your money can buy C&B Equipment. As an authorized dealer for Gardner Denver, we can offer a wide selection of compressors from these two respected manufacturers.

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