C&B Equipment is proud to offer dosing pumps from Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions. With their quality construction and innovative electronics, Grundfos dosing pumps are recognized for their value and reliability. Choose from smart digital, mechanical and complete dosing systems to suit your application.

Smart Digital SDXL

Larger capacity SMART Digital variable speed dosing pumps

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The impressive intelligence of SMART Digital variable speed dosing pumps takes metering pump technology to an entirely new level.

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Digital Dosing™ DME

Grundfos Digital Dosing DME pumps

Grundfos Digital Dosing™ DME pumps combine perfect precision with user-friendliness, covering large dosing quantities ranging from 375l/h - 940l/h.

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DMH Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering

Grundfos DMH Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering pumps

DMH metering pumps are extremely strong and robust, ideal for applications requiring reliable dosing and high-pressure capability.

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DMX Mechanical Diaphragm Metering

This highly versatile series offers a wide flow range and a choice of several dosing head sizes, materials, and accessories.

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Dosing Skid Systems (DSS)

Grundfos dosing skid system

Dosing Skid Systems (DSS) are complete solutions designed to feed liquid chemicals from a supply source – usually tank or drum – to an injection point.

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Dosing Tank Stations (DTS)

Grundfos dosing tank systems

Configurable Dosing Tank Stations (DTS) offer economic efficiency when adding liquids as coagulants, disinfectants or neutralizing agents in a precise and controlled way to a process.

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Oxiperm Pro

Chlorine dioxide production systems Oxiperm Pro OCD-162 and Oxiperm 164 are the perfect solutions for fighting Legionella and other germs in drinking water.

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Dosing Instrumentation Digital (DID)

Measurement and Control System designed to work seamlessly with the Grundfos Dosing pumps

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Seepex D Metering Pump

Conveying Capacity 0.2 l/h - 1,000 l/h, 0.053 g/h - 264 usgpm. Pressure up to 24 bar 350 psi

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