DuPont™ Kalrez® Parts for the Semiconductor Industry

Trust the semiconductor products that have been used successfully in highly aggressive sealing environments for over three decades. Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) parts feature excellent thermal and chemical stability and have been formulated and processed to meet the unique requirements of wafer processing.

These Kalrez® molded o-rings and custom seals are made using speciality products and ultrapure processing* for the semiconductor industry.

* Ultrapure processing standard for all semiconductor product grades; must be specified for Kalrez® 6375UP and 7075UP

Kalrez® Semiconductor Product Selection Guide

Process TypeTypical Seal TemperatureTypical Process EnvironmentSuggested Products*CommentsTypical Applications
Plasma ProcessesKalrez Semiconductor Products, C&B Equipment, INC.
PECVD/ALD/ HDPCVD250°CTMS, DEMS, TEOS, SiH4, C3H6, NH3, SiF4, O2, N2O, NF391009100 – Low erosion rate and ultra-low particle generation
9500 – Excellent resistance to ozone, ammonia, steam and plasma radicals.
8705 – Excellent resistance to UV light
9300 – Excellent resistance to plasma ions and radicals
8002 – Excellent resistance to oxygen plasma
• Door seals
• Gate valves
• Pendulum valves
• Chamber lid seals
• Exhaust valves
• Gas inlet/outlet/mixing block seals
• Window seals
• Center ring seals
• Seals for heat-traced lines in sub-fab foreline and exhaust systems*
PECVD Curing Process200°CO3, UV light8705* Quartz Window Seal
9500* All other seal locations
Ash/Strip200°CO2, CF4, CHF3, NH3, Water Vapor, Forming Gas8002
Dielectric (Oxide) Etch200°CCF4, C3F8, CHF3, SF6,O2, H2,9300
Conductor (Poly/Metal) Etch200°CCF4, CHF3, HBr, BCl3, CCl4, Cl29100
Thermal ProcessesKalrez Semiconductor Products, C&B Equipment, INC.
280°CSiH4, HF, F2, Cl2, NF3, H2O Vapor, O289008900 – Excellent thermal stability and very low outgassing properties.
7075UP – Excellent resistance to ClF3.
8575 – Low IR absorption due to white color.
• Quartz chamber
• Fittings
• Center ring
• Plenum seals
Metal CVD280°COrganic precursors, WF6, TiCl4, ClF3, NF37075UP
300°CN2, O2, H2O, HCl, Cl2, O38900
Lamp Anneal
300°CInfrared light8575
Wet ProcessesKalrez Semiconductor Products, C&B Equipment, INC.
Wafer Prep125°CUPDI, Piranha, SC-1, SC-2, O3, HF (49%)6375UP6375UP – General purpose product for all wet process applications.• Door/lid seals
• Drain seals
• Seals for chemical containers
• Fittings
• Seals for filters/ connectors
• Flow meters
Etching180°CHNO3, HF, H2O, H3PO4, HNO3
Photolithography125°CH2SO4 + Oxidant, Organic Acids, nMP
Stripping125°CnMP/Alkanolamine Hydroxlamine
Copper Plating100°CCuSO4 Solution H2SO4, H2O2

* Please consult a Kalrez® Application Engineer to assess performance fit in your application. Please refer to the Kalrez® Application Guide
( for specific chemical compatibility ratings for Kalrez® products.

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