Flooded Versus Oil-Free Compressors

The 25 horsepower flooded fixed-speed rotary screw compressor is one of the newer ones that Gardner Denver has out there with a decibel level of about 70 dba or less, it’s very quiet. It works very well, it’s on a tank; it’s a compact unit that has a dryer hook with it and it’s more

What Are Some Applications for an Oil-Free Compressor?

Unlike oil-flooded compressors, oil-free compressors are generally used in places like pharmaceutical companies where it is absolutely necessary for there to be zero hydrocarbons in the air of their production facility and their products. This is also the case for food and beverage companies, such as bottling and food packaging facilities, where the air comes

Inside Application Engineer Gerry Thibodeau Joins C&B Equipment

C&B Equipment has added Gerry Thibodeau as their new Inside Application Engineer. With over 30 years in the industry, Thibodeau is excited to bring his “reliability strategy” to C&B’s customers. Thibodeau spent his career with Cargill working in the laboratory with product research, in operations, in the field and most recently as the reliability supervisor, which

C&B Equipment Acquires DOT Certification

At C&B Equipment our team is committed to safety in every way possible. One way we are furthering our ability to maintain safe conditions for our customers and employees is through complying with Department of Transportation (DOT) certification regulations.

Mechanical Seals and The Managed Leak

All mechanical seals leak, but it’s a managed leak. We want to make sure that we can maintain if there is any environmental issues from that standpoint, and the customer also has to remember what the application is. Depending on what we are pumping, some fluids are a lot harder to seal than others. For

Fixed vs. Variable Speed Compressors

There are two kinds of industrial compressor machines. There are fixed speed machines, and there are variable speed machines. Both kinds of compressors have differences in how they operate.

C&B’s New YouTube Channel

We are excited to announce that we have recently published our educational YouTube channel. This channel offers viewers numerous tutorial videos filled with industry experienced information regarding pumps, blowers, engines and compressors—from experts with a combined 50+ years in the industry.