How to Find a Centrifugal Water Pump for Industrial Applications

Figuring out what type of centrifugal water pump you need for your specific industrial application can be a challenging journey. These pumps have many different features and specifications that vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and industry.

At first, choosing a centrifugal water pump seems like it’d be an easy decision—you can just Google “centrifugal pump” and buy the pump that fits your budget. However, when you start looking, you’ll uncover that there are hundreds of centrifugal water pumps to pick from, all with different specifications and certifications.

How do you go about narrowing your search to find the right centrifugal water pump? By digging into the actual requirements of your application, you can determine the specific centrifugal water pump you need for your business.

First, Review Your Current System


When choosing a centrifugal water pump for your industrial application, the most crucial factor is reviewing your entire system to figure out how the pump needs to work.

Determine the strength of the pump your application requires

Generally, there are three types of centrifugal water pumps on the market. Single-stage pumps are the least powerful type of pump, but they can handle high flow rates and low-pressure applications. Dual-stage pumps are typically employed in medium-rate applications. Multi-stage centrifugal pumps are the most powerful centrifugal pumps available that feature three or more impellers for maximum power.

What orientation of pump do you need?

Centrifugal water pumps can be positioned either horizontally or vertically within a system. Horizontal centrifugal water pumps are the most common type of centrifugal water pump and offer the most power. On the other hand, vertical centrifugal water pumps take up less space in compact applications.

What type of suction do you need from your pump?

Depending on where the pump sits in your system and your particular industrial application, you’ll either need a single suction or double suction centrifugal water pump. With a single suction pump, water enters through one side of the impeller blades. With a double suction centrifugal water pump, water enters through both sides of the impeller blades. If you’re unsure, an expert can help you determine the pump you need.

Next, Consider the Water You’re Pumping

To find the right type of centrifugal water pump for your industrial application, you need to consider the water you’re pumping. If the water contains solids, you need a pump that can specifically handle that requirement. Does the water contain corrosive materials? If so, you need a pump that has been built with materials that can handle the added stress.

It would help if you also considered how much water you’re pumping and for how long. It’s critical for you to know your capacity and duration so you can choose the most efficient pump for your budget.

Does Your Pump Need to Meet Any Standard Specifications?

Industrial applications vary greatly. Most industries have standards that companies must meet to operate safely and produce a quality product. Examples of command standards include ANSI, API, DIN, and ISO. When shopping for a centrifugal water pump, be sure to look for your industry’s specific standard. If you’re unfamiliar with the types of specifications available for centrifugal water pumps, an expert can help you research and determine the proper pump.

Questions About Centrifugal Water Pumps? C&B Equipment Can Help.

Do you have questions about choosing the right centrifugal pump for your application? The pump experts at C&B Equipment can help you consider all the factors that go into choosing a centrifugal water pump. Contact us today to learn more.

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