What Are Dosing Pumps and What Do They Do?

Accurate dosing of chemicals is a critical part of the production process in many different industries. Whether it’s a rugged process like sludge treatment or a sterile pharmaceutical process, dosing the exact amount of chemicals needed, at the correct rate, is crucial to ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency.

dosing-pump-meterThat’s where dosing pumps come in. Dosing pumps (sometimes referred to as metering pumps) are designed to pump a very precise amount of chemicals or substances into a water, steam, or gas flow, at a controlled and constant flow rate.

They are typically small in size and constructed of stainless steel, chemical-resistant plastic, rubber, or a combination of these. While the specific design varies by make and model, dosing pumps include a tank or chamber to hold the dosing substance, a dosing line, and an injector with a one-way foot valve.

Dosing pumps are controlled by either an external control system or, more commonly, by an internal pump controller. Today’s intelligent dosing pumps have a high technology drive and adjustment mechanisms to handle increasingly complex dosing.

An example of such technology is the Grundfos SMART Digital series, which features flow control, pressure monitoring, and automatic flow adaptation. With the correct controls, these pumps can even provide variable-rate dosing.

Where and How Are Dosing Pumps Used?

Dosing pumps have a wide range of applications across a number of industries. They vary in design according to their function. However, they are generally used for one of two basic functions.

  • To inject a chemical or substance in order to cause a chemical or physical reaction. Examples include adding an acid to water to balance the pH or adding a solution to kill bacteria during water treatment.
  • To accurately add a chemical or substance to a fluid stream in order to make products. This helps ensure the consistency and quality of the product.

Industries that use dosing pumps include the following.

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Biofuels/petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Commercial buildings
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Food and beverage
  • Large water and wastewater treatment
  • Marine
  • Metal and equipment manufacturers
  • Municipal and industrial water treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Textiles

Dosing pump applications include the following.

  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Biological treatment
  • Boiler feed
  • Chemical treatment
  • Cooling and refrigeration
  • Disinfection and pH adjustment
  • Distillation
  • Esterification
  • Filtration
  • Flocculation and aeration
  • Food processing
  • Sludge treatment
  • Stabilization
  • Substance removal
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Water disinfection
  • Water treatment

How SMART Is Your Dosing Pump?

From water treatment to industrial processing, today’s pumping applications are becoming increasingly complex while, at the same time, the pressure is on to become more and more productive.

C&B Equipment’s commitment to Uptime Solutioneering™ involves finding, testing, and bringing our customers intelligent solutions and new technologies to help them meet these challenges.

One such solution we’re proud to offer is the line of Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps. These intelligent dosing pumps with high technology drive and adjustment mechanisms meet the challenges of complex dosing.

Here’s how SMARTer dosing pumps can reduce costs, prevent process breakdowns and unscheduled downtime, and make your job easier. This is what Uptime Solutioneering™ is all about.

Advantages of SMART Digital Dosing

There are several advantages that the utilization of Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps will grant you.

  • They save time and maintenance costs
  • They save money through accurate and intelligent dosing
  • They make life easier, not harder

Saves Time and Maintenance Costs

Grundfos SMART Digital pumps have very long service and maintenance intervals, lowering pump life-cycle costs and delivering reliable and disruption-free dosing. The full-PTFE diaphragm mechanism offers universal chemical resistance.

Wear-and-tear parts that have been in contact with the pumped media only have to be replaced after 8000 operating hours or around two years. However, shorter intervals may be required for highly abrasive media.

When service is needed, the pump’s click-stop mounting plate and service kits make the process faster, easier, and more efficient. No additional installation parts are needed.

Saves Money Through Accurate, Intelligent Dosing

The cost savings start with the chemicals saved through the pumps’ Digital Dosing™ technology, which is exclusive to Grundfos pumps. An optimized dosing head design and 100% stroke length (even at small flow rates) deliver extremely high dosing accuracy and smooth dosing of degassing liquids.

Intelligent flow management features (available on the DDA model) work in the background to maintain target flow and prevent expensive process breakdowns. These include AutoFlowAdapt and FlowControl.

Makes Life Easier, Not Harder 

Some technologies look fancy but only seem to make things more complicated. This is not the case with Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps. The DDA and DDC models offer intuitive navigation via a graphical LC display in more than 25 languages. You can set the required flow directly on the display in ml/h, l/h, or gph.

The display indicates pump status by changing the backlight color, so you can see at a distance what’s going on with your pump. The DDA model even offers advanced monitoring and self-analysis features to keep an eye on the system for you.

Product Range

The range is available in two size categories and three models.

The SMART Digital S size category features dosing flow of up to 120 l/h, pressure of up to 16 bar, and turn-down ratio of 1:3000.

The SMART Digital XL size category features dosing flow of up to 200 l/h, pressure of up to 10 bar, and turn-down ratio of 1:800.

SMART Digital DDA Pump: a high-end solution designed for complex and demanding applications

This SMART Digital dosing pump has flow intelligence for maximum process reliability. AutoFlowAdapt automatically adapts measured flow to attain target flow. This ensures that dosing continues with the required flow even when subject to external influences of fluctuating system back-pressure.

The FlowControl system prevents unplanned stoppages, even if there are fluctuations in system pressure or other variable process parameters. Integrated flow measurement eliminates the cost and hassle of additional measuring equipment.

It provides an accurate diagnosis (in plain text) of the most common causes of faults that occur during dosing with diaphragm pumps.

SMART Digital DDC Pump: optimal price-performance ratio

Suitable for universal use, this SMART dosing pump features intuitive click-wheel operation and a graphical LC display in 25+ languages. All standard modes of operation and inputs/outputs, such as analog control or output relay, can be integrated into control systems.

A SlowMode anti-cavitation function handles highly viscous media. Dual-level tank control and an external stop function help keep tabs on operations.

SMART Digital DDE Pump: a cost-effective Digital Dosing™ solution

This is an entry-level Digital Dosing™ model ideal for basic OEM functions. Control options include manual control 0.1-100%, pulse injection in percent of stroke volume, and analog control (DDE XL). External stop and an empty tank alarm help prevent problems.

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Increase Your Uptime with Help from C&B Equipment!

C&B Equipment offers a wide selection of different types of dosing pumps from Grundfos. With their quality construction and innovative electronics, Grundfos dosing pumps are recognized for their value and reliability. In addition to being a distributor of high-quality industrial equipment, we also offer preventative maintenance programs and installation services.

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