Why Do You Need a Mechanical Seal Support System?

The primary task of a seal support system is to provide cooling and lubrication of mechanical seal faces, in order to reduce frictional heat.

This is accomplished through a controlled flow of clean, cool water or oil, or, where processes cannot tolerate contamination by water or oil barrier fluids, by an inert gas AESSEAL Seal Support System(e.g. air or nitrogen). Where barrier / flush fluids are used, seal support systems play an essential role in maintaining both fluid pressure and the integrity of the fluid.

By improving conditions at the seal faces, seal support systems provide an enhanced sealing environment which promotes longer seal life and greater reliability. Research has proven that the biggest mechanical preventative of mechanical seal failure is the use of an effective seal support system.

This means that no matter how well designed your mechanical seal or bearing systems are, or how thorough your processes and operations, without a reliable seal support system there is still the possibility of your mechanical seal failing…resulting in expensive downtime and potential injuries to workers.

A reliable seal support system gives you the confidence to remove this root cause of mechanical seal failure. C&B Equipment is proud to offer AESSEAL® support system solutions for applications across all industries.

AESSEAL® offers an extensive range of innovative seal support systems, including:

  • Water Management Systems
  • Oil Barrier Fluid Systems
  • Gas Barrier Systems
  • Additional Cooling
  • Leakage Detection

The experts at C&B can help you select and implement the best support system for your seal and your specific industry application. Contact us today, and let us help you extend the life and increase the reliability of your mechanical seal.

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