Intelligent Dosing and Flow Management: Increase Reliability and Save Costs

Are you looking for new ways to increase your company’s productivity and reliability while also saving on costs? Of course, you are. Building a better product for less with greater reliability is manufacturing gold.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that many businesses aren’t fully aware of the benefits and affordability of employing intelligent dosing or intelligent flow management systems.

Dosing pumps supply a very precise amount of a chemical or substance into water, steam, or gas flow at a controlled rate. Most dosing pumps are operated by an internal pump controller or an external control system. Modern, technologically advanced dosing pumps can handle complex operations, including flow control, pressure monitoring and automatic flow adaptation.

How Intelligent Dosing and Intelligent Flow Management Can Increase Process Reliability and Save on Costs

Grundfos Digital Dosing DME Pump

By integrating an intelligent dosing or flow management device into your operational workflow, you can increase the reliability of your production processes and improve your business’s bottom line.

Creating Consistent Products

Intelligent dosing helps you ensure consistency in your product line. Grundfos dosing pumps allow you to easily control the exact dosing quantity. To ensure preciseness, the pump displays flow rates in liters per hour (l/h), milliliters per hour (ml/h) or gallons per hour (gph). These intelligent dosing pumps remove much of the human error that can occur with traditional pumps.

New Grundfos SMART digital pumps feature advanced process reliability, in which a microprocessor control and intelligent drive ensure precise dosing and low pulsation. With the maintenance-free FlowControl system, you can automatically detect and account for errors that are typically attributed to air bubbles. Finally, integrated flow management accounts for changes in flow speed and pattern, ensuring accurate changes in dosing and creating a consistent product in variable conditions.

Reducing Maintenance Time

Grundfos produces some of the highest quality dosing pumps on the market. Expertly engineered, Grundfos dosing pumps can operate for up to two years or 8,000 operating hours between maintenance intervals. Keep in mind that this number can vary greatly depending on the type of dosing material. Highly corrosive or abrasive materials will affect your maintenance intervals.

When it’s time to conduct maintenance on your Grundfos dosing pump, you’ll save time with the company’s click-stop mounting plate and service kits. Grundfos includes all required installation parts in the company’s ready-made service kits. Your upkeep is as efficient as it gets with this level of structured maintenance and support.

Improving Safety

Businesses depend on intelligent dosing pumps in situations where safety is a primary concern.

For example, consider water treatment, filtration or agricultural irrigation applications. It’s essential to maintain the proper dosage and prevent unnecessary harm. Moreover, dosing pumps can help reduce the amount of human contact introduced during the dosing process. Dosing pumps prevent humans from adding any radicals during the dosing process and minimizes human contact with potentially abrasive or harmful materials.

Boosting Efficiency

When you integrate intelligent flow dosing into your business, you can save time and reduce waste simultaneously. With automatic dosing, system monitoring occurs with greater accuracy than experienced humans can. In addition, you’ll reduce potential waste by always using the correct amount of dosing material and ensuring a consistent, quality product every time.

Are You Considering Intelligent Dosing for Your Business?

At C&B Equipment, we can help you find the perfect Grundfos pump to efficiently serve your operation. With Uptime Solutioneering™, we’ll make sure your business keeps running, so you can put more money in your pocket. Contact us today to learn how to get started. To learn more about how dosing pumps work, click here.

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