Where to Utilize Elmo Rietschle Pumps in Medical Facilities

It’s easy to picture a hard-working Elmo Rietschle pump in an industrial environment, right? Even in manufacturing, there’s something that feels blue collar about blower and vacuum pumps. You may be surprised to learn that Elmo Rietschle pumps have their place in the medical field too.

Here, we’ve identified six ways Elmo Rietschle pumps help keep medical facilities up and running.

Modern hospital operating room with monitors and equipment

1. Respiratory Devices

Respiratory devices play a couple of important roles in medical facilities like helping patients breathe. Medical respiratory devices powered by Elmo Rietschle pumps help support respiratory devices and supply air when the patient is struggling. Medical facilities also employ side-channel blowers to help administer airborne medication through respiratory devices.

2. Central Vacuum System

The human body is packed with fluids, which can make surgery a messy affair. A central vacuum system helps clean up that mess. Central vacuum systems in medical facilities need to move all sorts of liquids and gasses safely, including water, bodily fluids, and anesthesia gasses. In addition, reliability is an important factor when it comes to medial central vacuum systems, since patient lives are on the line. Safety is also a major concern with medical central vacuum systems. If not properly maintained, people could encounter hazardous waste.

3. Air Beds

Bed sores are a huge problem for hospitals. Long-term patients are especially at risk for developing painful bed sores during their hospital stay. Also known as pressure ulcers, bedsores are skin injuries that result from prolonged pressure on parts of the body. To help prevent bedsores, many hospitals use air beds to even out the overall pressure on the body and eliminate pressure points. Medical professionals need to use vacuum pumps to inflate and deflate different air chambers on these beds to help reduce pressure points and prevent bedsores.

4. Dental Suction Systems

Do you remember the last time you had your teeth cleaned? While the dentist was digging around in your mouth, he or she probably used a suction device to remove the toothpaste, plaque, saliva, and water from your mouth before it choked you. Did you know that the workhorse behind many dental suction systems is an Elmo Rietschle pump? The G-Series side channel pump, V-Series rotary vane pump and C-Series claw pumps are all used to power dental suction systems.

5. Chairlifts

In a medical setting, many patients have trouble standing up or sitting down. That’s where chairlifts come in. With the help of a G-Series Elmo Rietschle side channel pump, chairlifts use compressed air to help raise the seat and move patients into a standing position. Nurses and other medical practitioners also use chairlifts to help maneuver patients into positions that make providing treatment more comfortable for the patient.

6. Steam Sterilization

The Elmo Rietschle L-Series Liquid Ring pump helps fuel steam sterilization procedures in the medical industry. For medical applications, sterilization is important to keep fabrics, tools, and dressings germ-free. Steam sterilization is more efficient than dry heat sterilization, but it requires specialized equipment. During the pretreatment process, a vacuum pump helps remove the air from the sterilization chamber. After sterilization is complete, a vacuum pump removes the steam from the sterilization chamber to effectively dry the object being sterilized.

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