Meet Extreme Conditions With Elmo Rietschle Liquid Ring Pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps, by nature of their job, are constantly exposed to the humid and wet processes they work in. This can lead to lime scale and abrasion, which degrade the pump components and cause a considerable reduction in the performance and output of the pump.

You need a pump that is not only a quality made pump, but one specifically designed to stand up to these extreme environments. That’s where Elmo Rietschle liquid ring pumps come in.

Elmo Rietschle is part of Gardner Denver Inc., a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered products. Elmo Rietschle specializes in manufacturing liquid ring pumps designed to meet the challenges of the extreme environments and exceed industry standards.

Designed To Hold Up Under Extreme Conditions

Elmo Rietschle liquid ring vacuum pumps are created with high quality materials such as the stainless steel used in the shafts of the pump sections as well as ceramic coatings that provide excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.

With Elmo Rietschle liquid ring pumps you’ll never have to worry about deposits or lime scale. They’re designed to ensure reliability and constant operating characteristics, ensuring that your operation runs smoothly for years to come.

A Liquid Ring Pump For Any Application

L-BV2 Liquid Ring Pump

Elmo Rietschle L-2BV2 liquid ring pump

This robust and reliable pump features monoblock construction, making it perfectly suited for use in the plastic and medical industries. It’s available in a variety of materials to suit any application. It’s customizable and offers long-term resistance to erosion and corrosion. It can provide volume flow 15.9 to 85.3 cfm and roller bearings with additional lubricant reservoir provide safe and maintenance free operation, even under the heaviest of loads.

L-BV5 Liquid Ring Pump

Elmo Rietschle L-2BV5 liquid ring pump

This extremely quiet pump is designed to last due to its ceramic coating and reinforced stainless steel shafts in the pump section. It provides suction pressure of up to 33 mbar and volume flow of 52.9 to 352.9 cfm. The pump body is also available in full stainless steel and it can be outfitted with IE2 motors on request.

L-BV7 Liquid Ring Pump

Elmo Rietschle L-2BV7 liquid ring pump

Like the L-BV5, the L-BV7 is an extremely quiet liquid ring vacuum pump. It’s covered in full stainless steel, provides up to 50% less water consumption, as well as an inlet pressure up to 33 mbar. It’s designed to be long lasting due to its ceramic coating and reinforced stainless steel shafts in the pump section. IE3 / Nema Premium motors are also available on request.

L-BL2 Liquid Ring Pump

Elmo Rietschle L-2BL2-compact

The L-BL2 provides users with a compact plug and play system for easy on-site installation. Plus, thanks to its contact-free compression, it’s almost 100% wear-free in operation and needs no periodic maintenance. It is also 100% oil-free and does not require additional water during operation.

There is also a compact version available, known as the Elmo Rietschle “pump in the box.” These portable units are oil-free and air-cooled. They include an L-BV liquid ring pump, an electric industrial motor, discharge separator, seal water cooler and a discharge air cooler.

C&B Equipment Is a Licensed Gardner Denver Distributor

C&B Equipment is proud to be a Licensed Distributor of Gardner Denver pumps, including the Elmo Rietschle line. The efficient and reliable performance of these pumps helps increase your uptime—the mission that guides everything we do.

Contact us today for assistance in selecting the right liquid ring pump for your application.

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