C&B Equipment Expands Services In Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma With Acquisition

We are excited about the opportunities this brings to expand our footprint in these territories and to offer new services at a value package to existing Ozark Pumps & Parts customers – Dennis Noyes, President of C&B Equipment.

The acquisition of Ozark Pumps & Parts will expand C&B Equipment’s service area to provide access to engineering, new applications, and solutions to industrial companies.

We have purchased the assets of Ozark Pumps & Parts, resulting in a transfer of ownership from Ozark Pumps and Parts to C&B Equipment with a company name change to C&B Equipment Midwest.

Transitions, Training, and Service in Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma

Departing Ozark Pumps & Parts president and owner William (Bill) Carroll will train C&B Equipment’s new Arkansas & Oklahoma territory manager, Thomas (Tommy) Johnson, over the next six months to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

The acquisition expands our presence to Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma and we will provide our superior services and products to businesses in these areas.

Previous owner Bill Carroll didn’t want to hand over the reins to just any company; it was a shared commitment to service that drew him to closing the deal with C&B Equipment.

“Ozark Pumps & Parts has served industrial customers for over 20 years, and we’ve built many relationships,” he said. “I wanted to ensure that our customers would continue to receive the personalized service and quality products that they need to keep their businesses going strong. C&B has also been in business for decades and they share our values.”

All of the resources that C&B Equipment has at our disposal will be used to support current and future customers in the Arkansas and Oklahoma areas. We look forward to helping businesses and organizations there improve their operations with engineered solutions and reliable, efficient products.

About Us

C&B Equipment is an industrial and municipal equipment distribution and service company for pumps, mechanical seals, air compressors, blowers, gas and diesel engines, and related equipment. We carry products from leading manufacturers and provide factory engineered solutions built to specification, along with both service and repair support.

C&B provides services throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and the Texas Panhandle. We serve customers from a wide variety of industries including oil and gas, meatpacking, dairy production, manufacturing, biodiesel and ethanol production, wastewater treatment, municipalities, textiles, food and pharma, beverage production and more through Uptime Solutioneering™.

What is Uptime Solutioneering™?

Here’s an example. A global food manufacturer operating 30 Sihi pumps (multi-stage) was experiencing downtime and hefty repair costs in their plant. The cause? Pump seal failure caused the thickness of the product being pumped.

We engineered and installed new seals specifically for this application while also diagnosing and correcting additional pump issues resulting in over $1 million savings in parts, service and production uptime since 2014.

Our expertise and attention to engineering and design in greater equipment uptime and in the industry is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are more than just a distributor, we are a partner and are always striving to support our customers and their businesses.

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