What Can You Pump With a Grundfos CR Pump?

Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions, and C&B Equipment is proud to be a trusted distributor of these quality, innovative pumps. Grundfos’ high-tech, dependable pumps can ensure your business stays up and running when it counts.

That sounds great, right? But, what does that mean for your business? How can your business employ a Grundfos CR pump and create greater company-wide efficiencies?

Available in 13 hydraulic sizes, four basic materials and over one million configurations, Grundfos CR pumps can be implemented in just about any environment, for any material.

CR vertical multistage centrifugal inline pumps

Introducing the Grundfos CR Pump

Did you know that Grundfos was the first pump manufacturer to create a multistage inline pump? Since, many competitors have entered the market, but the Grundfos pump line remains the standard for successful businesses worldwide. With years of continuous development and innovation, the Grundfos CR pump is unmatched in its pump class.

Grundfos employs a custom solutions engineering department to ensure the pump you choose meets your business’s unique needs and specifications.

Each Grundfos CR pump features in-house engineered motors that ensure maximum performance and reliability.

These pumps are outfitted with a specially designed cartridge and smart shaft seal solutions. Depending on the application, these seals can handle temperatures up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dry running can be an annoying costly pump problem. Grundfos CR pumps feature the patented Grundfos LiqTec™ system, which eliminates the risk of breakdowns from dry running. When the LiqTec system senses that there is no liquid in the pump, it will automatically shut down the system.

In addition, Grundfos CR pumps feature high-performance hydraulics, durable bearings and multiple construction material options, depending on your business’s intended use.

Grundfos CR Pump Applications

With a seemingly endless number of customization options, you can use a Grundfos CR Pump in an incredible number of applications. A Grundfos solutions engineer can help you construct the perfect pump for your business, depending on the liquid you need to transport. Common liquids pumped by Grundfos CR pumps include:

  • Aggressive and corrosive liquids: Seawater, hypochlorites, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, nitric acid, chromic acid and phosphoric acid
  • Abrasive liquids: Metasilicate-containing cleaning agents, abrasive alkaline cleaners and phosphates
  • Toxic and explosive liquids: Trichlorethylene, toluene, petroleum, ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol
  • High-viscosity liquids: Glycols, carboxylates, lubricating oils and rapeseed oil
  • Hardening liquids: Water-based paint, glue and vegetable oils
  • Crystalizing liquids: Glycol Additives, naphthalene, sugar and salts
  • High pressures: Water treatment, cleaning and washing
  • Extreme temperatures: Petrochemicals, oils, boiler feed and secondary coolants

Grundfos Efficiency

Due to the customized nature of Grundfos CR pumps and years of Grundfos development work, you can expect to see a 10% increase in efficiency when you choose a Grundfos CR pump.

One of the industry’s biggest pain points comes in the form of oversized pumps. These types of pumps are wasteful and a financial burden for businesses. The narrow intervals between CR pump sizes allows you to eliminate this pain point.

Interested in Boosting Efficiency With a Grundfos CR Pump?

The experts at C&B Equipment can help you choose the right Grundfos CR pump for whichever type of liquid your business needs to transport. Give us a call at 800-362-3022 or complete our contact form to get a free quote!

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