Where Can You Use Gardner Denver Air Compressors, Blowers and Vacuum Systems?

Have you heard of Gardner Denver? Seen their company pop up in your search? Gardner Denver is a company that engineers air compressors, blowers and vacuum systems. They have been in business for over 155 years, providing solutions to just about every industry in the marketplace. You may be surprised at the industries that can benefit from the solutions engineered by Gardner Denver. Here we’ll show you how C&B Equipment can apply Uptime Solutioneering™ with Gardner Denver compressed air, blowers and vacuum systems to help improve your business’s bottom line.

Industries and Applications: Where Can You Use Gardner Denver Compressed Air, Blowers and Vacuum Systems?

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Gardner Denver specializes in manufacturing the following:

  • Compressors: Gardner Denver engineers all mainstream compressor types, including screw, reciprocating, vane and centrifugal air and gas compressors.
  • Blowers: Gardner Denver air blowers, including radial fans, side channel blowers and rotary blowers are some of the best positive displacement and regenerative air blowers in the industry.
  • Vacuum systems: Gardner Denver manufactures liquid ring, claw, screw and rotary vane vacuum pumps.

What Industries Benefit From Applying Gardner Denver Products in Their Business?

You might be surprised at the number of industries served by Gardner Denver. Virtually every industry can see improvements in efficiency when adding these products into their systems.

Aerospace, Automotive and Transportation

Auto painter spraying white paint on car spare bonnet in special booth. Painting vehicle parts at car service workshop

How important are air moving products to industries that depend on airplanes, ships and vehicles? In aerospace, engineers use blowers for aerodynamic simulations and testing airborne objects.

Compressors are equally as important in automotive applications for tools like paint applicators, power tools, tire inflators, plasma cutters and air circulators. The transportation industry uses blower and vacuum applications to efficiently transfer dry materials like powders, granules and pebbles as well as liquids onto their product.

Agriculture, Aquaculture, Environmental and Marine

Sewage treatment plant - waste water purification, aerial view

Humans depend on these industries to survive. That makes Gardner Denver products all the more dependable, reliable and efficient to get the job done. In the agriculture and aquaculture industries, Gardner Denver products are employed for everything from milking cows to planting lettuce and farming fish.

You might be surprised to learn that the same types of products are used in environmental and marine applications like making artificial snow, water purification and sewage plant operations.

Electronics, Food and Beverage, Glass, Plastic and Packaging

drinks production plant

In a way, these industries all rely on similar materials. So, it’s not too surprising that they all depend on similar solutions to get the job done. Electronics need air compressors and blowers to keep areas dust free and dry, as do glass, plastic and packaging industries. Food filling machines, fluid pumps, bottle fillers and filtration systems all depend on compressed air, blowers and vacuum systems to work efficiently and effectively.

Other Industries

Based on the industries outlined above, you can see how air compressors, blowers and vacuums can be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Other industries served by Gardner Denver products include manufacturing, iron, medical, mining, oil, paper printing, petrochemical, pharma, power generation, textiles, wastewater and woodworking.

Can Your Business Benefit From Gardner Denver Products?

At C&B Equipment, we specialize in Uptime Solutioneering™, which means we do more than sell products. We engineer solutions to help prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs, prevent service costs, increase productivity and improve your bottom line. For more information, give us a call in Wichita at 1-800-362-3222 or contact us online.

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