Meet the Revolutionary Heliflow Positive Displacement Blower

Are you in the market for a new vacuum blower? The Gardner Denver HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower is a revolutionary industrial blower that raises the bar on what defines an expertly engineered vacuum blower. Not only has the HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower been proven to be one of the quietest blowers on the market in its class, it’s engineered for durability and reliability.

gd_heliflowThe HeliFlow Positive Displacement blower combines Gardner Denver’s manufacturing experience with the knowledge to engineer a true low-noise solution that works in vacuum pump and blower applications. Here, we’ll illustrate the features and benefits that truly make the HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower stand out from the other blowers in its class.

HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower Features

The Gardner Denver HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower is one of the most reliable blowers available on the market today. Its features that contribute to this reliability include:

  • Solid helical tri-lobe rotors
  • Triangular tuned ports
  • Large diameter shafts
  • Oversized spherical roller bearings
  • Helical alloy timing gears

Additionally, the HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower has available mechanical seals, which allow you to use the blower for gas applications. If you’re still worried about the reliability of this blower pump, Gardner Denver backs it with a 24/30-month warranty.

Benefits of the HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower

Reduced Pulsations Equal Quieter Operation

One of the most noticeable attributes of this particular blower is how quiet it is. Gardner Denver manufactured this blower to have reduced pulsations, which results in quieter operation. In fact, the blower’s exceptional engineering reduces the sound by four to seven dBa compared to similar-sized blowers. dBa, or a-weighted decibels, measure the relative loudness of sound perceived by the human ear. By measuring noise output in dBa, you rule out the high-pitched and low-pitched tones that don’t register to the average human ear. The blower’s sound is further reduced by the specially designed helical alloy timing gears we mentioned above.

Efficiency, Reliability, and Easy Maintenance

Despite the quietness of the HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower, it’s an incredibly efficient piece of machinery. The blower’s large diameter shaft allows for incredible load capacity. Additionally, despite reduced maintenance intervals, the design behind the piston ring air and oil seals ensures the blower operates without unexpected leaks. The dual splash lubrication system adds to the easier maintenance of the HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower. Finally, the blower’s single piece cylinder features large external fins. These fins provide superior heat dissipation and help improve the structural integrity of the HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower.

About Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver is a well-respected, tested industry great that has over 155 years of manufacturing experience. The company specializes in constructing some of the best industrial blowers, compressors and vacuum products available today. C&B Equipment has been a proud Gardner Denver distributor for over 30 years.

Are You Interested in Purchasing a Gardner Denver HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower?

Based in Kansas, C&B Equipment is a proud, committed Gardner Denver positive displacement blower retailer. Based on application and industry, we can help you find the right positive displacement blower for your needs. Best of all, when you choose C&B Equipment as your positive displacement blower retailer, you also get to experience Uptime Solutioneering™. With Uptime Solutioneering™, you can ensure you put more money back in your bottom line with increased productivity and fewer service costs. To learn more about the Gardner Denver HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blower, give us a call at 800-362-3222 in Wichita or 800-475-0101 in Lenexa.

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