Why Using Kalrez® O-Rings Ensures Quality Solutions

Trusted for over four decades, DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) o-rings offer outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures. Here’s why they’re a cost-effective solution for your most demanding sealing applications.

High Heat, Chemical and Plasma Resistance

Kalrez® o-rings deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of aggressive process environments. They resist attack from more than 1,800 industrial and electronic grade chemicals, solvents and plasmas while offering  high temperature stability. Even after long-term exposure to temperatures up to 327°C, Kalrez® FFKM o-rings retain elasticity and recovery properties better than other high temperature elastomers. They resist embrittlement and hardening, which are the main heat-related causes of seal breakdown and failure.

Kalrez® o-rings also resist extreme volume swell when exposed to steam, sodium hydroxide, concentrated nitric acid, ethylene diamine, and many other chemicals and solvents. This prevents seal failure due to elastomer o-rings extruding out of the seal grooves—the result of chemically induced swelling.

Increased Uptime, Reduced Costs

Exceptional heat and chemical resistance means that Kalrez® o-rings last longer and seal better than other elastomers. This translates to increased mean time between replacements and a lower cost of ownership in the long term. Productivity increases with fewer seal changes and prevention of process breakdowns.

DuPont™ offers a free tool that you can use to calculate your potential savings using Kalrez® seals.

Increased Safety & Process Purity

Due to their best in class chemical and heat resistance, Kalrez® FFKM o-rings reduce the risk of chemical exposure from seal degradation and failure. They offer low contamination from extractables and provide lower outgassing in vacuum sealing. Kalrez® parts deliver longer seal life compared to lower performing elastomers, thereby improving productivity, efficiency and cleanliness.

FDA-compliant seals are available for pharmaceutical and food handling processes.

Formulated for Specific Industries, Applications & Operating Environments

Kalrez® o-rings are available in different compounds that are specially formulated to optimize properties and deliver the best possible performance in various temperatures and chemicals. Whether you need resistance to acids, amines, plasma, strong bases, or ultrapure deionized water, there’s a Kalrez® FFKM product that will improve seal performance in your operating environment.

Kalrez® o-rings are used in:

Standard or Custom Shapes

Kalrez® FFKM o-rings come in a variety of standard shapes, but can also be custom-made to match sealing applications with unusual geometries. These custom o-rings deliver a one-of-a-kind fit combined with Kalrez’s high heat, plasma and chemical resistance.

C&B Equipment Is a Licensed Kalrez® Distributor

C&B Equipment is proud to be a Licensed Distributor of Kalrez parts®. The superior performance of these seals helps you increase your uptime—the mission that guides everything we do. Contact us today for your standard or custom Kalrez® parts.

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