Service Technician

Position Summary:

The Service Technician is a multifaceted position that includes working with the customer on complex technical issues, the accuracy of which is critical to keeping strong relationships in the shop and in the field. The position requires a complete knowledge of C & B Equipment’s services. They must be capable of logically processing critical problem-solving data in order to deliver the highest quality technical services to the requirements of the customer. Paramount to success is making the right field decisions in the best interest of the customer and the company. The service technician has to be an expert on all regulations, abide by all customer on-site requirements for operating and safety and all current and new OSHA safety regulations. This position requires the passing of a 10- hour course on OSHA safety and getting your CDL.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities that are expected of a competent Service Technician include but are not limited to:

  1. An ability to understand the technical requirements of the work to be performed including working through with the customer the problem, specifications, time frames, and outcomes.
  2. Must be proficient in the removal/installation/repair of pumps, motors, controls, and other rotating equipment.
  3. Must be knowledgeable of all machinery, equipment in the shop and at the customer’s location. This ensures the right solutions are being applied to the right equipment and the work is performed at the highest quality level.
  4. Personality capable of building relationships with customer at the right levels throughout the customer interaction process. This person must understand, often better than the customer the technical issues and just as important must be able to communicate these issues regarding repair and/ or installation clearly.
  5. Knowledgeable of a vast number of service and product manuals, vendors manuals, specifications, updates and general information to ensure the highest quality technical services are performed.
  6. Must be able to manage the repair and/or installation within reasonable costs, margins per job and labor.
  7. Must be capable of working with a variety of materials, safely and in compliance with company requirements. Also operates tools, machinery and equipment and all other tools efficiently and safely.
  8. Operates the shop tools and machinery including: grinders, torches, cutters, welders.
  9. Performs all work at the highest quality levels ensuring the customers receives the highest quality products.
  10. Pay close attention to the shop costs to keep in line with expectations for a cost efficient but high-quality output.
  11. Makes frequent and solid recommendations on how to improve technical service work to build loyalty from the customer and streamline processes throughout the company.
  12. Manages the projects keeping all equipment/tools in the best possible operating condition to prolong the use of valuable equipment/tools.
  13. Manages the assigned project and the duties of Service Technician’s assigned to that project.
  14. Coordinates with Service Manager and others for the purpose of completing projects/work efficiently.
  15. Maintain proficiency in using personal computer, data entry terminal and other common office equipment and software.
  16. Ensures that all internal functions get accurate information so they in turn can accomplish their jobs on time.
  17. Manages expenses and budget within annual guidelines.
  18. Communicates with outside and inside sources at all times setting the example that promotes a positive service image for C & B Equipment.
  19. Other duties as assigned.

Reports to:Service Manager

Supervises: None.

Status: Full-Time

Primary Responsibilities to Perform This Position:

  1. Technical Service & Knowledge: 100% accountable for making sure all technical worked performed is complete, on-time and to the customers’ expectations. Failure to do so can increase the costs, rework and disappoint the customer.
  2. Customer Relations: Accountable for the field level communication to the customer on technical repairs and installations always looking for ways to make C & B Equipment easy to do business with and the preferred technical serviced partner from the customers point of view.
  3. Internal Facilities: 100% accountable for all related technical service activities, building relationships within the internal staff to support the work in the field.
  4. Safety: 100% accountable for zero tolerance for the execution of operating safely and in compliance at all times.
  5. Expenses: 100% accountable for operating within expense guidelines, recommending improvements by looking for ways to serve the customer better with high quality services.

Professional Requirements:

As a C & B Equipment professional the person holding this position conducts themselves with the highest degree of integrity, cooperation, professionalism and honesty in dealing with internal support staff, vendors and all external contacts and customers. As an ambassador of the company this individual is required at all times to conduct himself/herself personally and professionally in an exemplary and forthright manner to ensure the highest quality reputation and image of the C & B Company in the industry.

Job Category: Technician
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Overland Park

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