Heat Exchangers, Parts & Repairs

For heat exchangers, parts and repairs, we’re often asked at C&B Equipment why we represent several heat exchanger manufacturers and repair centers. One reason is that a factory with the infrastructure to build equipment for the pharmaceutical industry has internal costs that make them non-competitive for food/beverage/dairy applications. As such, a plant equipped to properly produce equipment for the food/beverage/dairy industry may not be competitive for the industrial/municipal/HVAC industry. That’s why at C&B Equipment, we offer all of the heat exchangers, parts and repairs you need for complete Uptime Solutioneering™.

Heat ExchangerFor instance, if you’re looking for new Shell and Tube heat exchangers or need your current one repaired, we can help. Shell and tube is the heavy-duty, workhorse of heat exchangers — with the ability to handle products and pressures that other types of heat exchangers simply cannot. C&B can provide shell and tube heat exchangers in materials ranging from steel to common stainless steels, and even to the exotics. Sizes range from 4” to 40” in diameter and up to 20’ long single-pass, two-pass or four-pass. We can also provide standard or engineered units with screw flange or weld fittings.


If you’re looking for new Plate and Frame heat exchangers or need your current one repaired, we can help. Plate and frame heat exchangers are growing in popularity because of their lower initial cost and flexibility — capable of handling future increased requirements by adding plates. We offer a variety of plate patterns, standard, and wide-gap spacings, as well as plate and gasket materials. When we repair plate and frame heat exchangers, we dye penetrant each plate and glue the gaskets on, but we don’t stop there. They are then stacked and baked to ensure the best possible seal between plates!


If you’re looking for new Brazed Pak heat exchangers or need your current one repaired, you guessed it — we can help. Brazed-pak heat exchangers are low-cost, fast delivery, lightweight and require no cleaning. Moreover, Brazed-Pak heat exchangers are the fastest growing segment of the market and are often cheaper to replace than clean — without the startup issues.


If you’re looking for something new, let the folks at C&B assist in selecting the heat exchanger that best meets your criteria. Otherwise, contact C&B for your all of your heat exchanger needs and we’ll go to work with you!

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