What is Head in Relation To Sizing Pumps?

Head is pressure, but we have to convert it back to terms that we can use when sizing pumps.  Head is a reference to either static or dynamic.

Static Head

Static head would be whatever is on the suction side of the industrial pump that is not physically moving.

Dynamic Head

Dynamic head means that the product is in motion.  If it’s on the discharge side of the pump and we are going to push that fluid from Point A to Point B, head is always a reference to water.

Water is the most common fluid.  2.31 feet of fluid equals 1 psi, and then you have to include your specificgravity into that to convert it to your actual head pressure. There are several forms of head: total dynamic head, total suction head and many others.

For example when a head is relative to sizing a pump, when the tank empties the pressure- the static head in the tank is going to decrease, there in turn the dynamic head on the discharge side of the pump has to increase, so that the centrifugal pump is now just causing a differential pressure.

For more information, check out this video!

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