C&B Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Services

C&B EquipmentEquipment reliability — a reasonably short phrase for an exceptionally big job. Although C&B Equipment like all other companies has its limits, materials and design is not one of them. In fact, C&B understands design and material properties, as well as what works best in the field better than most. This means our customers have a tremendous box of “tools” readily available to them.

We only care that you have a piece of equipment that is causing you pain. We don’t care how old it is or whether it is English, metric, modified or orphaned. We know what to look for. We know how to interpret what we find. We know what needs to be done to improve the reliability of your failing equipment. Our secret ingredient, we get replacement parts quickly and affordably.

We’ve written maintenance procedures, performed pump surveys, worked on lubrication innovations, bearing reliability and many other aspects of production equipment. Sometimes, we just get you an exact replacement part better, faster and for less money.

We can even modify materials, dimensions and tolerances, or design a replacement solution for you completely from scratch. Now that’s real Uptime Solutioneering™.


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