Convert Existing Dry Pit Pump

Convert existing dry pit pump with designs to fit:

Allis Chalmers  •  Fairbanks Morse  •  Aurora  •  Chicago  •  Clow  •  Crane Deming  •  Morris  •  Smith & Loveless  •  Worthington  • Yeomans

dry pit pump

The particular installation shown here is one of two Crane Deming, 4×4 Special, Model 7156 dry pit pumps.

The ABBA unit included a 20 HP, 1800 rpm, closed loop, cooled submersible motor, suitable for continuous operation in air or while fully submerged. It also includes a self-contained, glycol-based, internal heat-exchanger cooling system, 30 ft. power and control cables, tandem SC/SC mechanical seals, dual-seal chamber moisture-detection probes and a separate moisture detection control/alarm panel.

This motor does NOT circulate sewage through a cooling jacket to cool the motor, which means

No more vibration of shafts and peace-of-mind in the event of a flood.

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