What is a Compressed Air Audit?

A compressed air audit displays how many actual cubic feet per minute the company that has purchased a compressor is actually using. There are different ways to do a compressed air audit. Some companies are able to use amp draws and pressures to gauge what the cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating is. A compressed air audit will tell us at what time of the day peaks and lows are and where. Often times the customer will ask if they need a fixed speed compressor or variable speed compressor. It really depends on several factors:

What is a Compressed Air Audit?, C&B Equipment, INC.When considering what type of compressor to purchase your decision is based off of what types of shifts your company runs.  Do they run through shifts; the first shift running a 100%, second shift running at 60% and third shift running at 20%? Those kind of things are very easily defined. At C&B, we try to rule the customer in or out at the very beginning of the conversation as to whether or not they are a candidate for variable speed compressors. We do this because the price increases significantly on these machines, but the payback can be tremendous as far as electrical cost.


C and B Equipment can provide guidance in performing your compressed air audit!
C and B Equipment can provide guidance in performing your compressed air audit!


The compressed air audit will show the flow, amp draws, pressures and more. All of these metrics tell us the variations in the plant, so we can then tell exactly what the company needs. We would highly recommend a compressed air audit before any industrial compressor purchase.

For more information, check out this video!


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