C&B Equipment Technicians Achieve ASSE 6040 Certification for Medical Gas Installation and Maintenance

C&B Equipment Service Technicians Tim Hayman and Matt Cowart have achieved their ASSE 6040 Certification for installation and maintenance of medical gas systems.

This new certification enhances the safety of gas and vacuum systems for medical applications. Service technicians installing and maintaining these systems are now required by law to have credentials, guaranteeing the quality of service that’s needed for sensitive medical environments. Properly installed and maintained systems are vital to safe operations under the NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code.

A 6040 Certified Medical Gas Systems Maintenance Technician demonstrates competence in the maintenance of medical gas and vacuum systems and may perform such maintenance tasks alone, or through the supervision of other individuals. They must be employed or contracted by a healthcare facility, or actively engaged in working with medical gas systems, having a minimum of one year of documented practical experience in the maintenance of medical gas systems.

C&B is dedicated to investing in the training to support our healthcare industry by providing ASSE Certified professionals based here in Kansas. Our entire team is looking forward to serving our many medical customers and introducing ourselves to new ones.

If you have need of medical gas system installation or maintenance for your healthcare facility, contact our service team today.

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