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When it comes to ensuring you’re using the proper equipment for specific applications, C&B Equipment is your one-stop source. With decades of experience working in-house and on-site, C&B understands properties of materials, design and what actually works in the field. We know what to look for, we know how to interpret what we find and

C&B Equipment Corken Industrial Gas Compressor Solutions

At C&B Equipment we partner with the best, so we can offer the best. Corken’s strict focus on quality, performance and ease of routine maintenance has helped the company build a strong presence in the oil and natural gas, chemical/petrochemical,  liquefied gases, transport, liquid terminals and marine markets. With one of the most versatile lines

Corken Sliding Vane Pumps

A reputation built upon decades of maintaining the highest-quality products and customer service standards, combined with a dedication to product performance, makes Corken a great partner for C&B Equipment. Founded in 1924, Corken specializes in building custom compressor packaging and pump skids for liquefied gas transfer, liquid transfer, air boosting and vapor recovery applications for

C&B Equipment Expands Into New Markets With Acquisition of Kansas City-Based Steel Toe Group

In case you haven’t heard, C&B Equipment recently acquired Steel Toe Group (STG), a leading distributor of municipal pumps and mechanical seals, headquartered in Lenexa, Kan. Adding to C&B’s already extensive line-up of industrial equipment, this new acquisition means offering even more product lines in more markets. For instance, C&B customers now have access to

Innovation in Municipal Wastewater Pumping

By Jon Dunham I have sold pumps and pumping systems into the municipal and other market segments for almost 40 years. I now find myself replacing those old, outdated pumps and controls.  I don’t consider that I am old and outdated, though. (No matter what some may think.) Everywhere we turn today, there are articles

What Are You Wasting In Your Handling of Wastewater, And Why?

As seen in Water Online By Jon Dunham, Steel Toe Group From Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Waste; noun – loss of something valuable that occurs because too much of it is being used or because it is being used in a way that is not necessary or effective; An action or use that results in the unnecessary

Lift Station Remote Management

Delivered either with its ALC (Advanced Level Control) panel to be assembled in a customer provided enclosure, or in a complete cabinet, the Lift Station Remote Management is a major component of the DIP System®. Each Variable Frequency (VF) converter is connected to its motor unit and communicates with the other. Speed variation and simplified

Solutions to Municipal Wastewater Problems

The Solution to Municipal Lift Station Problems City sewer lines and pumping stations are notorious for collecting all sorts of trash and debris such as rags, diapers and even thick materials like clothing — all of which need to be physically removed and hauled away before they damage the pumps and other sewer systems. 

Reading Industrial Pump Curves

A properly sized industrial pump will operate efficiently for many years and can save a system from unexpected downtime, costs and wasted energy. Incorrectly sized pumps, on the other hand, can fail if they’re too small or accrue unnecessary expense if too big.