Municipal submersible waste water pumps and systems require an experienced engineering team committed to developing detailed specifications to handle your most demanding applications. Zoeller engineers, through Steel Toe Group, provide innovative solutions to effectively meet your submersible pump objectives. The Zoeller Pump product line is made in the USA. Even the foundries are in the USA. Zoeller offers a wide selection of submersible pumps ideally suited to municipal applications. The complete line of  grinder pumps and systems will fill the needs with quality equipment.

Solids Handling Submersible Pump

Contact us on those”special applications” installations that others can’t touch such as dry pit submersible, high temperature and abrasive, resistant applications.

The Zoeller® Engineered Pumping Solutions Offers an Easy to Use Pump Selection Program

When you enter this program for the first time, you must set up a user profile and provide a password and email address. The “PUMP SELECTOR” software was created in conjunction with Engineered Software to assist Zoeller® customers with selecting, specifying and purchasing pumps manufactured by Zoeller® Engineered Products. The program is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, Windows and Internet-based pump sizing/selection software program. It can quickly search across the Engineered Products catalog to identify pump options for a given application.

Pump selections are based on the user’s input of the application’s design point, gallons per minute (GPM) and total dynamic head (TDH). If the system’s TDH is unknown, a calculator is available to derive that input parameter. Once a pump is selected, a pump curve and data sheet is generated. Supporting documentation such as product features, technical data, engineering specifications and guide specs can also be generated. The program also has the ability to send an electronic “Request for Quote” directly to Zoeller®’s sales office. To get started, simply click on the ZEP PUMP SELECTOR box shown below, and the download file will install on your personal computer. The web-based option requires no software installation.

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