SWFF-TF Seal Support Water Management System, C&B Equipment, INC.

Water Management System

The intelligent SWFF-TF System incorporates the patented Flow Fuse and Thermal Fuse products.  The Flow Fuse is designed to restrict barrier fluid contamination of the process on momentary or permanent seal failure.

The Flow Fuse does this by shutting off the plant water supply when it detects an abnormally high flow of water.  This abnormal flow will be the result of the momentary or permanent seal failure.  The Flow Fuse product has two operating functions.  These are manual-reset and auto-reset:

In manual-reset, the Flow Fuse will completely shut off the plant water supply when it detects seal failure, and the only way to reset the Flow Fuse is manually.  Manual-reset is most suited to applications where barrier fluid contamination of the process cannot be tolerated.

In auto-reset, when a seal fails the Flow Fuse will shut off the plant water supply but allow a small volume of water to continue to pass through. If the failure is momentary (e.g. a temporary parting of the seal faces) the Flow Fuse will automatically reset itself to the original operating pressures once the failure has been resolved.  The Thermal Fuse™ is a pressure relief valve designed to relieve the System of pressure build up as a result of a temperature increase.

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  • Flow-sensing shut-off valve - Protects the process from barrier fluid contamination upon catastrophic seal failure
  • Water regulator - Maintains water level and pressure, which reduces due to normal seal operation
  • Automatic re-set facility - Protects the mechanical seal from running dry during a process upset
  • Thermal relief valve - Maintains systems pre-set pressure by accommodating thermal expansion


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