SWC Condensate Seal Support System, C&B Equipment, INC.

Condensate System

The SWC Condensate System is an easily installed, low-cost and low maintenance Seal Support System for use with double mechanical seals on condensate applications.

Uniquely, the SWC uses the pump discharge line (API Plan 11) to maintain the pressure and level of the barrier fluid in the vessel. The API Plan 11 feed cools down once it reaches the vessel and is carried to and from the mechanical seal via the thermosyphon effect. This greatly increases the expected life of the mechanical seal on condensate applications and therefore increases plant uptime and reduces running costs, such as the cost of cooling water to drain. When purchased, the SWC is supplied as a complete system, with finned tubing, weld pad vessel, thermal relief valve and fittings as standard to aid fast and direct connection to the mechanical seal.

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  • Level and pressure maintained by pump discharge eliminating the need for an external water and/or pressure source
  • Uses the thremosyphon effect, removing the need for forced circulation
  • Finned tubing enhances the surface area for barrier fluid cooling and eliminates the need for secondary cooling through heat exchangers


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