SSE12-P and SSE25-P Gas Pressurized / Buffer Systems, C&B Equipment, INC.

Gas Pressurised / Buffer Systems

The AESSEAL® SSE12-P™ and SSE25-P™ robust weld pad vessels are used as the core of a modular Pressure System range.

This range starts with the SP1™, which is a non-pressurised API plan 52 Buffer System, used to provide cooling to mechanical seal faces. The SP2™ and SP3™ Systems are piped as API plan 53A Pressure Systems. The SP3™ has the addition of finned tubing so that it has extra surface area to operate on high heat applications. All vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII Div.1 and PED requirements.

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  • Integral 304 SS Weld Pad Level Gauge - Robust and industrially acceptable visual indication of fluid level
  • 12 litre / 3.2 gal (US) 304 SS Vessel Construction - Suitable for a range of challenging environments
  • Satin Bead Blast Vessel Finish - Suitable for a wide range of industrial environments
  • Available with / without Cooling Coil - Additional heat dump available if required


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