Seal Auxiliary Systems Division API Plan 53B Systems, C&B Equipment, INC.

The AESSEAL® Seal Auxiliary Systems Division has established a pioneering method of developing API Plan 53B Systems.

Plan 53B systems have been viewed as an “engineering challenge” around the world, often with long lead times. The innovative modular concept permits 12 modular options to be applied to create an API 53B System for any application. This modular process facilitates efficient stock control which in turn provides AESSEAL® API 53B Systems with rapid delivery times. Modularity eases the production of documentation for each Plan 53B product and also makes it easier to determine the correct solution for the application.

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Innovative modular manufacturing process

  • Guarantees quality product within an exceptional lead time

Thousands of man hours dedicated to design and certification

  • Ensure product quality and detailed data packages document every aspect of the 53B system

AESSEAL manages every aspect of the manufacturing process

  • NDT is carried out on all welds and welding is carried out to ASME XI specifications

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