Compact 107 Innovative PUMPPAC Barrier Fluid API System, C&B Equipment, INC.

Innovative API System

The AESSEAL® Compact-107™ operates by generating a localized pressurized barrier fluid circuit.

This unique PUMPPAC™ System combines the benefits of API Piping Plans 53A/53B/54 and feeds barrier fluid to a number of seal support systems which control the environment at the mechanical seal. Localized seal control is enhanced through the ability to supply each seal support system with different pressures due to individual pressure regulators.

The Compact-107™ does not run continuously, only activating when the pressure transmitter detects a drop in circuit pressure (the circuit contains an accumulator to maintain pressure).   The modular design means that the Compact-107 can be adapted to different applications with the addition of instrumentation options.

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  • Compact design: Products small footprint reduces impact on available site space
  • Reduces cost: By feeding multiple applications the system reduces cost
  • Accumulator: Holds pressure in the circuit meaning system does not need to run continuously