Many industries consider it a standard practice to use a variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor because of their high-level efficiency and convenience. Variable-speed technology has proven to be more practical and energy-saving than the fixed-speed variant. Take advantage of its benefits; find a VSD compressor at C&B Equipment.

We offer a selection of Gardner Denver VSD air compressors that are ideal for a wide range of applications. We carry the LRS Series (single-stage), S Series (single-stage), and VST Series (two-stage). Browse below for details on each available model.

VSD vs. Fixed-Speed Air Compressors

We've briefly touched on the differences between a variable-speed air compressor and a fixed-speed air compressor above. Let’s explore this topic further.

Also called "frequency-controlled compressors," variable-speed air compressors have an automatic system that adjusts the motor speed according to the air demand. In other words, it only runs at the required speed, which is ideal in facilities where air use is sporadic and unscheduled.

This also means VSD is energy-efficient. It can use up to 50% less energy than the standard, fixed-speed compressor. VSD air compressors also produce less noise, allowing for a more pleasant indoor environment.

Fixed-Speed Compressors
These compressors run at 100% capacity at all times. They use a consistent amount of energy and run at one speed (RPM). This is why fixed-speed compressors are also called "idling compressors."

If anyone in the facility needs air, an inlet valve will open to release it. The compressor doesn’t rev its motor up and down during this process, it just releases air through a simple, open-flap mechanism.

A motor that runs consistently might sound reliable, but it comes at a price. Fixed-speed air compressors offer little room for energy efficiency, so users can’t expect reductions in the costs of their energy consumption.
On the plus side, fixed-speed air compressors cost less than VSDs. They're also the better option for applications that need consistent air temperature.

Gardner Denver single stage variable speed (VS series, 11 kW to 170 kW) & (LRS 7kW to 290kW) compressors are ‘ground-up’ designs and produce the widest turndown range in the industry. High-efficiency and reliability on variable load or trim applications will be found in all Sedalia, MO-made machines.

Gardner Denver two-stage variable speed (VST series, 55 kW to 260 kW) compressors deliver maximum efficiency to the plant across all loads. These two-stage models employ 8-12% more efficiency than single stage models. The VST compressor comes packaged with two motors and two air-ends for optimum performance.

LRS Series

LRS Series L07RS-L290RS
Single Stage
7 kW to 290 kW
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VST Series

Two Stage
55 kW to 260 kW
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The Advantages of Variable Speed Air Compressors

Variable speed drive air compressors cost more than fixed-speed compressors, but the payoffs are well worth the capital.

✓ Energy efficiency - The variable speed air compressor’s ability to turn out peak performance at 30-50% less energy is its main draw. This advantage also branches off into other perks including the benefit to the environment and reducing the facility’s overhead expenses.

✓ Long-term cost-effectiveness - Reduced energy costs are a direct outcome of the variable speed rotary screw air compressor’s energy efficiency. These compressors only turn on and consume power when there is a demand for compressed air. Furthermore, facilities are spared the extra expense from “idling time” and have fewer incidents of system leakages. VSD compressors operate at lower system pressure and are less likely to have a blow-off.

✓ Environment- friendly - Reducing energy consumption through the use of VSD rotary screw compressors also reduces a building’s carbon footprint. Additionally, many VSD air compressors operate without using oil or lubricants. These produce clean and uncontaminated air — a small but still recognized contribution in reducing air pollution.

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Our selection of Gardner Denver VSD compressors can meet a broad range of needs and applications from different industries. Invest in variable speed drive air compressors if you want to reduce your energy costs and promote worker safety and working conditions.

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