Electra-Screw Rotary Screw Compressors, C&B Equipment, INC.

Electra-Screw 40, 50, 100hp

Gardner Denver Electra-Screw: Value with field proven reliability. The Gardner Denver Electra-Screw 40, and 50hp rotary screw compressors provide an economical solution to your compressor needs. Standard features include modulating capacity control system and microprocessor based system control. Optional features include quiet enclosure and wye-delta starting for the 40/50hp units.

  • 60Hz
  • 115 to 475cfm
  • 76 - 80dBA
  • Auto Sentry RS-2000 Controller (ES 40/ES 50)
  • Auto Sentry ES+ Controller



Electra-Screw ES 40, 50 Brochure

Data Sheets

Data Sheets

Electra Screw ES 40-100 psig CAGI Data Sheet

Electra Screw ES 40-125 psig CAGI Data Sheet

Electra Screw ES 40-150 psig CAGI Data Sheet

Electra Screw ES 40-175 psig CAGI Data Sheet

Electra Screw ES 50-100 psig CAGI Data Sheet

Electra Screw ES 50-125 psig CAGI Data Sheet

Electra Screw ES 50-150 psig CAGI Data Sheet

Electra Screw ES 50-175 psig CAGI Data Sheet



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Design Advantages

Design Advantage


  • Highly efficient patented KyphoTM  rotor profile.
  • Precision milled to exact tolerances.
  • Long-life cylindrical and tapered roller bearings ensure reliable, consistent operation.
  • Extended bearing life due to vibration-free performance.

Oil Separator

  • EliminatorTM  air/oil separator has two times the surface area of conventional separators for improved separation and longer life.
  • Low carry-over; less than two parts per million, measured before the aftercooler at 100 psig, full load operation.


  • Simplified access to air/oil separator requiring no piping removal to change separator elements. Reduces maintenance time by 90%.
  • Easy access to the full-flow, ten micron oil filter. Reduces time to complete periodic oil filter changes.
  • Simple, patented system for adjusting belt drives.

Acoustic Enclosures

  • Low overall noise level; Quiet enclosure option reduces sound to 76dBA.
  • Unrestricted access to airend and motor provided by lift-off panel.

Control Piping

  • Safe, corrosive-free compressor operation is a direct benefit from stainless steel control lines, a standard Gardner Denver feature.
  • No plastic tubing, rubber hoses or black piping.

Mounted Aftercooler

  • Factory mounted, heavy duty, air-cooled aftercooler and moisture separator with trap effectively reduces discharge air temperature to within 15°F of ambient.

Auto Sentry® RS-2000 (ES40/ES-50)

  • Complete electronic control with complete self-diagnostic, protective shutdown, service advisory and full text digital display capabilities.
  • Built-in selectable automatic re-start and sequencing (up to 8 units).
  • Built-in self-diagnostic capability.

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