Pump Dynamics: The C&B Equipment Introductory Guide to Pumps and How to Succeed With Them

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Pump Dynamics Fluid Hydraulics

Summary of this E-Book:

Chapter 1:Pump Fluid Basics

The two types of pumps are centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. In this chapter we will talk about the differences between the two pump types.

“Centrifugal Pumps: • 86% of all pumps are Centrifugal Pumps: Made universally by many brands…”

“Positive Displacement Pumps: • Flow-creating device • Fixed volume of fluid delivered per rotation…”

Chapter 2: Fluid Hydraulics

Industrial pumps are used to pump countless types of materials from oils, fertilizers, fats, etc to their respective destinations. This chapter discusses the build up and break down points of pumping these materials.

“Specific Gravity: • Specific gravity is a dimensionless number. • The ratio of a fluid’s density to that of water…”

“Vapor Pressure is also known as the boiling point: this is different for different fluids • Vapor Pressure is the pressure below which liquid at a given temperature will become a gas: 212 degrees F at 14.7 psi at sea level for water…”

Chapter 3: Effects of Misapplied Applications

In this chapter we will explain shaft dynamics and the effects of misapplied applications to industrial pumps.

Chapter 4: Reading Pump Curves

When figuring out how to measure pump curves, you must first know how to find the suction, discharge and impeller diameter.

 Chapter 5 – Hands-On Session

In this chapter, we provide the video content necessary to see these principles in action

 Chapter 6 – Trouble-Shooting Pumps

Several things can go wrong when pumping fluids. In this chapter we’ll examine some of the scenarios that might need trouble-shooting and talk address why these problems are occurring.

You can also view our video library on pump dynamics. We have video resources available on our YouTube Channel. Here’s an example:

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