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Yanmar is known for its high-quality diesel engines, engine parts and other diesel products. Popular within a wide range of industries – from agriculture to industrial organizations, they are the leading compact diesel business that has transformed the way that America works.

At C&B Equipment, we are proud to say that we are Yanmar diesel dealers. We offer these superior products to our customers so you can have the best equipment available on the market.


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Using our years of expertise within the industry and exceptional customer service, we can ensure that your equipment has greater uptime and performance so that you can get your machinery up and running more efficiently – giving you the peace of mind that you need.

From the Yanmar Liquid Cool engine to the Yanmar REMAN and the Yanmar Air Cooled diesel engines for sale, we’ve got the solution. Fitting within your budget and your time frame, each of our products and services are designed to fit your unique needs.

Yanmar Diesel Replacement Parts

Alongside having numerous Yanmar diesel engines for sale, we also stock a wide range of Yanmar diesel engine parts. With our first-rate Yanmar service, we can repair your engine with genuine Yanmar parts so that your equipment is ready to go as soon as possible. Paying attention to every detail, throughout the replacement and Yanmar diesel engine maintenance service you can rest assured that your equipment is in good hands with our team.

Yanmar Diesel Engine Repair

Alternatively, if you’re looking for engine repair in the Midwest, C&B are your first port of call. No matter what the size of the task, we have the solution to fit your requirements. Whether you have a short-block engine or a ¾ engine, our services are ideal for your needs. Repairing your engine promptly, you will be able to use your equipment within no time at all.

Diagnosing any recurring issues that occur, testing new solutions to guarantee innovative results and engineering solutions to address the specific equipment/machinery, our Yanmar diesel engine repair services are ideal for a variety of applications.

Yanmar Air Cooled


4 to 10 HP

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Yanmar REMAN

Yanmar Liquid Cooled

Yanmar YDG 5500

The Advantages Yanmar Offers

✓ Low Fuel Consumption – We’re proud to provide cost-efficient engines that can boost our clients’ production while keeping fuel consumption at a minimum. No matter which industry you use them for, Yanmar industrial engines will prove to be the most economical
✓ High Power Reliability – Yanmar is the world’s leading brand for industrial engines because of their quality and durability. We offer vertical cylinder 4-stroke diesel engines with water-cooled and air-cooled varieties. These engines are suitable for generator applications and a wide range of industrial applications.
✓ Eco-friendly – Yanmar's award-winning engines comply with emissions regulations and are one step ahead of the general standards for environmentally friendly engines.
✓ Versatile – Yanmar industrial engines are used in a broad range of industries, including earthmoving, manufacturing, heavy industry, and power generation.
✓ Compact – Yanmar engines have a high power-to-weight ratio. They have a compact size and construction, giving optimum motor power without the hefty bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a distributor of Yanmar Industrial Engines, C&B Equipment provides tips and information to help you get the most out of your Yanmar engines.

Do you offer warranties for Yanmar industrial engines?

Yes, warranties are part and parcel of the Yanmar brand. Buyers are assured of a standard 24-month or 2,000-hour engine operation warranty period, whichever occurs first. An extended warranty period of 36 months or 3,000 engine operating hours is granted to these specific engine parts:

the cylinder block

  • cylinder head
  • crankshaft forging
  • connecting rods
  • flywheel and flywheel housing
  • camshaft
  • timing gear
  • gearcase


When does the warranty period start?

Both the standard warranty and extended warranty period start on the date of delivery to the original buyer. Secondhand buyers who obtain a Yanmar engine beyond the warranty periods are no longer covered by warranty benefits.

Why should I register my Yanmar engine?

Yanmar is committed to providing the best possible customer service for its industrial engine buyers. Registering your purchase enables the company and C&B Equipment, as your retailer and service center, to keep track of your engine’s age and components. These details are essential for our after-sales product services and customer support.

Can I maintain a Yanmar engine by myself?

Yes, you can, and we highly recommend observing maintenance best practices to extend the service life of your Yanmar engine. If you feel that your best efforts are falling short, you're always welcome to come to C&B Equipment for advice.

Do you provide a guide for winter maintenance?

Yes, we do. You will find the instructions in the operation manual provided when you purchased your Yanmar engine. You may also download model-specific manuals from the Yanmar website.

Where should I go for engine maintenance?

C&B Equipment is the authorized dealer and maintenance services provider for Yanmar engines in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. You may bring your unit over to our facility for servicing.

Which parts should I avoid doing DIY repairs on?

Any electronic component of the engine is best left to our authorized repair technicians. They need special equipment for diagnosis and troubleshooting, which we, as your authorized dealer, can provide. Keep in mind that tampering with your engine's electronics outside of a specialist's supervision could render your manufacturer’s warranty benefits void.

Can I replace parts of my engine with non-Yanmar products?

Yanmar engines are built with components made specifically for the Yanmar brand. For your engine to achieve its peak performance, it needs to have all the right parts. We highly recommend that you use only genuine Yanmar parts for repairs and replacements. C&B Equipment is the authorized Yanmar diesel engine parts dealer in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

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