Zoeller® submersible wastewater pumps are of the cool run design. A cooler-running pump is a longer-lasting pump with less downtime and lower service cost. Zoeller® submersible wastewater pumps also uses concentric pump housing design that provides equalized pressure loading forces inside the pump housing that adds a longer service life for bearings and mechanical seals. Many models feature oil-filled motor housing as part of the cool run design concept. Oil-filled motors provide heat dissipation and better lubrication for seals and bearings. The Zoeller submersible wastewater pump system includes a rail system to lower and set pumps in place. It makes it easy to raise pumps for cleaning and service when needed.

Vortex impellers offer superior non-clog and solids-handling performance with the least amount of potential downtime from clogging and is available on all units 15 HP and smaller.


If you need to replace Flygt® pump, consider using an American made product to do the job. You may be pleasantly surprised at the time of purchase!

For a direct Flygt® pump replacement with American made Zoeller® pumps, a complete guide rail retrofitting kit for 3″, 4″ or 6″ horizontal discharges is available. This allows use of existing Flygt® rail systems.


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