UHDDS Ultra Heavy Duty Double Cartridge Seals, C&B Equipment, INC.

Ultra heavy duty double cartridge seal

The UHDDS™ – is a double cartridge seal particularly applicable for medium to heavy duty slurry sealing applications. The seal utilizes a solid tungsten carbide gland insert for ultimate abrasion resistance, and a patented bi-directional pumping ring to move the maximum amount of barrier fluid in an API Plan 53 arrangement.

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The UHDDS™ is a stationary double cartridge seal designed for arduous slurry applications using API 682 qualified technology

  • The multiple springs, which energize the stationary seal face, are out of the process media (non-clogging)
  • Integral and extremely efficient bi-directional barrier fluid circulating device (Plan 53) keeps the seal faces cool
  • Available in a wide range of abrasion-resistant wetted components, including solid Tungsten carbide gland insert

Cooler seal faces last longer

AESSEAL® employs a directed barrier fluid flow path as standard.