RDSF Split Seals, C&B Equipment, INC.

A split seal solution ideal for those difficult to reach applications

The RDSF has been developed after extensive  research and customer feedback to increase the ease that the seal can be fitted correctly – first  time. A comprehensive product development and dynamic testing process makes the RDSF the ideal product to offer mechanical seal benefits over traditional packing solutions without increasing maintenance costs or downtime. 

The RDSF seal eliminates the need to remove or strip equipment for seal replacement. The self aligning rotary makes the RDSF one of the easiest and quickest to install split seals on the market today.

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Self-aligning Seal

The RDSF™ with its spring-loaded stationary is specifically designed to accommodate typical misalignment problems. In addition clearances have been optimized between the rotary and stationary members and the gland halves, which minimizes dead-ending or solidification problems that could be present in a stationary seal that had minimal clearances, particularly around the outside diameter of the stationary.

Installation and Wear Indicator

The stationary anti-rotation pin acts as an indicator that the RDSF™ seal has been properly installed, before pressurising and running the equipment. As the seal ages, the end of the pin will move progressively towards the RDSF™ gland as wear takes place, providing an indication of the remaining seal life. When the end of the pin is level with the gland, the RDSF™ seal face replacement kit should be installed.


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