RDS™ Split Seals, C&B Equipment, INC.

Split Seal

The RDS™ eliminates the need to remove or strip equipment for seal replacement. The unique design makes it the quickest to install two part seal currently available in the market place.

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  • Precision lapped rotary seal face provides industry leading seperation technology and predictable sealing
  • External wear indicator assists preventative maintenance
  • Hydraulically balanced seal faces for reduced seal face loading, maximizing seal life and allowing for vacuum service capability
  • Minimum parts to assemble
  • Self-aligning stationary seal face
  • Sizes available from 2.500" to 12.000" (63mm - 300mm)

Design Concept

The most important single objective was to design a radially divided seal that was easy to install. This was achieved by having the smallest possible number of parts to assemble.

The entire seal assembly comprises of only three ‘O’ rings, two rotary halves, two stationary halves and two gland cartridge halves, which include the springs and spring retainer. The only other parts are socket set screws and Allen keys.

A pre-assembled patented spring retainer ensures the springs are not under compression during the initial assembly. All seal parts are assembled, fixed to the shaft and tightened, before loading the springs, which are only compressed when the seal assembly is bolted to the face of the stuffing box.

The elastomer seals for both the rotary face and gland assembly have been designed to simplify installation.


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