ISOS Inflatable Shut Off Seals, C&B Equipment, INC.

Inflatable Shut off Seal

The ISOS™ (inflatable shut-off seal) is fitted between the pump and and radially-divided seal, to form a separate seal when required, allowing the quick and easy removal of the mechanical seal.  

The ISOS™ works around the principal of surrounding the shaft with an inflatable elastomeric bladder. Under normal operating conditions, when the mechanical seal is working, the bladder remains unpressurized. When the mechanical seal fails or needs removing, the bladder can be inflated, thereby mechanically sealing the shaft. The seal can then be easily removed without draining or isolating the equipment.

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  • For use in conjunction with radially-divided seals
  • Allows easier and quicker replacement of a mechanical seal without having to drain equipment
  • Allows replacement of seal when pump shut off valves are faulty
  • Eliminates the need for pump shut-off valves when replacing the seal
  • No repriming of pumps needed after seal replacement
  • Once inflated by a suitable continuous supply it forms a pressurised seal for zero product leakage


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