DMSF & DMSC Double Monolithic Stationary Flow / Convection, C&B Equipment, INC.

Double Monolithic Stationary Flow / Convection

The DMSF™ (Double Monolithic Stationary Flow) range of double mechanical seals has been designed as a high-performance sealing solution for arduous applications. A double cartridge stationary seal with an integral pumping ring and monolithic seal faces.  The DMSC™ is supplied without an integral pumping ring meaning that it is perfect for use on applications that demand the use of an external forced circulation device (e.g. PUMPPAC™). The seal is supplied with monolithic seal faces.

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ATEX Range Certifications

  • CURC
    • Category 2 (Zone 1/21) & Category 3 (Zone 2/22)


  • Monolithic seal faces provide maxiumum face stability in high temperature applications improving seal life.
  • Seal face drive over large contact area prevents damage to faces in stop / start applications and viscous fluids
  • DMSF incorporates a highly effective bi-directional pumping scroll to maximise cooling and increase seal life
  • large 3/8" NPT seal gland ports maximize cooling potential and extend seal life
  • Integral deflector guides cooling barrier fluid to the most essential areas and extends seal life
  • Exotic DMSF/DMSC option also includes exotic alloy wetted components at minimum price premium for use with corrosive chemicals
  • Hydraulically balanced seal-face technology for reduced power consumption with the ability to withstand pressure fluctuations
  • Non-shaft-fretting sleeve elastomer and positive set screw shaft drive
  • Independant seal face design to enhance safe containment of process fluid in the event of damage to any individual sealing element
  • Multiple spring seal face loading with hydraulic pressure balanced for improved reliability and seal performance
  • Stationary design is suitable for high speed applications
  • Sizes available from 1.000" to 5.000" (24mm - 125mm) in standard and ANSI plus gland formats

Unique bi-directional pumping ring

The unique, patented, bi-directional, integral pumping design delivers high volumes of barrier fluid to the inboard and outboard seal faces.

Unique directed barrier fluid

The majority of Flow Induced mechanical seal designs create a churning action with little or no barrier fluid flow. This has a limited effect on

seal face cooling. The DMSF™ has a stationary deflector which directs barrier fluid underneath the inboard faces ensuring constant barrier fluid replacement at the hottest and most important point on all mechanical seal designs.

Design and Development

The DMSF™ seal design was created as a result of a request from a major AESSEAL customer who required a set of seal design features which was not satisfied by one existing AESSEAL product. New and novel patented features were developed, helping to ensure that the final product would excel in some of the most difficult and arduous applications found on-site.

These tests included stop/start, cyclic temperature, flow and duration tests, at various seal sizes and seal face combinations. Furthermore, the design was rigorously benchmarked against and outperformed similar products in its class in many sealing attributes.

This world class product is complemented with the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and equipment, ensuring that the technically sophisticated design is produced to exacting standards.